Free Fil Tire’ Heart design


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I so appreciate the support and encouragement you dear readers have given me  through the years.  For the some time now I have been extraordinarily busy and posts have been few and far between. And yet you still stop by to read my infrequent chats. I thank you for that.

For this day celebrating love, I am offering this free machine embroidered fil tire’ heart, along with wishes for love each day.  Just leave your request for the design as a comment at the bottom of this post.

The wing needle design is very versatile.  I’ve used it in combination with other designs on thees baby pillows.



It stitches beautifully on Swiss flannel, as seen on this baby shawl.


This is how it really looked.  Below the image is shown with contrast to show more detail.


The design was reinterpreted on the bodice of Judith Dobson’s tea dress.



I wish each of you a happy Valentine’s Day with lots of love.  And spread some around, ok?




40 responses to “Free Fil Tire’ Heart design

  1. The heart design is gorgeous! That’s right down my alley.. the more heirloom look, the better.
    Its hard to believe that Vivian is 4! I love reading what she’s up to! Keeps you laughing too.

  2. Sarah McKinney

    That heart design is beautiful. I would love the design. I love looking at all the beautiful things you have made. Live in Colorado and heirloom is not as popular here more like active wear.

  3. Penny, the fil tire’ heart has been sent. I’m glad you enjoy the stories of Vivian Rose’s antics. She is a character, for sure!

  4. Sarah, the heart design has been sent. I hope you can impress some Colorado folks with the beauty of heirloom sewing.

  5. Beautiful design! I will definitely have to use it on something for my sweet granddaughter! Thank you very much.

  6. Ginny, the design has been sent. I’d love to see a picture of anything you use it on, especially for your granddaughter.

  7. I have the pattern for the tea dress and haven’t made it yet. Could I please have the heart embroidery design? Maybe I’ll finally make the dress for my 6 year old daughter and put the heart design on it, like you did. She likes wearing fancy dresses. I always make bloomers to go with her dresses, because she loves to wear them while climbing trees.

  8. Your heart design is very beautiful…I haven’t done any wing needle work on my Bernina 780 and would be most eager to sew your design. Thanks so much!

  9. Dena, the heart design has been sent. Your little gal sounds like an active, busy child!

  10. This is a beautiful design, perfect for heirloom dresses and accessories; and, double needle – even better. I enjoy sewing for two granddaughters and making auction items to donate to their school’s fundraiser. Thank you so much.

  11. Rachel, the design has been sent. Happy sewing for your granddaughters.

  12. Beautiful. I’m excited to try it. Enjoy your posts.

  13. Thanks. Donna. The design has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching this heart.

  14. Beautiful! I would like to try the design. Haven’t embroidered with wing needle. Any tips? I enjoy seeing your beautiful creations, and reading your blog. Thanks so much for your generosity. Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

  15. I working on ring bearer pillows — this is perfect! Thank you

  16. Such a lovely design, thank you for sharing it with your readers.

  17. Carolyn, the design has been sent. Get out that wing needle and give this a try. I sent you a few tips.

  18. Carole, the fil tire’ heart design has been sent. I’d love to see your finished ring bearer pillow!

  19. Sandra (UW Sigma Kappa '73)

    Hey Sigma Sister~
    I admit it has been a long time since I peeked over here at your blog. I’m in recovery mode with a foot fracture and torn ligaments (clumsy moment at the mall in December), and have not been sewing much. Things are healing, slowly and I’ve been getting back into the sewing room a little bit more. I miss it!
    (on the bright side, I’ve been doing a lot more knitting).

    Anyway, I’d love to have this sweet design. I have 4 granddaughters and so the feminine designs are always in demand. BTW, your little Vivian Rose reminds me a lot of my second granddaughter. Just about the same age, and the same “spunk and determination” in her big blue eyes.

  20. Hi SK Sister! I’m sorry to hear about your….uh, clumsy moment at the mall. I’m sure it was a slick floor or you were trying to dodge a running toddler….or doing something charitable. Right? But I’m glad you are healing well and hope you can get back to sewing more and more. I’ll send the design now for your spunky little granddaughter and the others. So good to hear from you. Get well so you can push that foot pedal to the metal soon!

  21. Janice,
    I check your blog often and so enjoy your posts! Your blog is my favorite! I can relate to so many of your “Grandma Experiences”! Grandchildren are such a blessing and I can see that you enjoy yours every bit as much as we do ours!
    I absolutely love this new design and would be very grateful to have it. Thanks you, in advance, for sharing!

  22. What a lovely design! Thank you for your generosity. I much admire your work.

  23. Carol, thank you for all your sweet words of encouragement. Grandchildren are truly the greatest reward of reaching this age! I’m always happy to hear that others enjoy their darlings as much as we do. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression. “If you describe a child as beautiful, bright, charming and delightful, she is your child or grandchild.” I know that mine and yours are!

  24. Hi Janice – Thank you so much for this design. This will be perfect to place on my flannel receiving blankets I’m working on. Like Carolyn, I would love some tips on using the wing needle with embroidery. Thank you again.

  25. Judith, the design has been sent, along with some tips for working with a wing needle. I hope you enjoy this new technique.

  26. Hi Janice,
    I love the heart design. It’s so lovely.Thank you for sharing it.

  27. Hi Janice, I hope it’s not too late to ask for the design, I don’t have any grands yet but I am trying to start a grandma’s hope chest. I love these fil tire’ designs.
    Thanks so much.

  28. Cristina, the fil tire’ heart has been sent. Happy stitching!

  29. Betty, the design has been sent. Get busy on that hope chest! You will be so glad to have lots of baby things already made up.

  30. Janice,

    I just love reading your blog and enjoy all your beautiful work!! I would love the design if it is still offered. Thanks so much!


  31. Gina, the design has been sent. I hope you enjoy stitching it and find many uses for this sweet little heart. Thanks for reading my blog. I do appreciate every reader.

  32. Janice, es hermosos el diseño, serìa muy lindo en un montón de cosas para mis nietos, agradecerìa me sea enviado, muchas gracias

  33. Coral Hoffmann

    Janice i am seem to be addicted to your site this morning as it has soooooo much with amazing items of interest which we never come across anywhere else . Is it too late to receive the heart design please , but i do not wish to waste your time now as you are just 1 very busy lady.
    I could give you a very long holiday here in Aussie you know.? I was looking to find info about your feather stitch which iam sure i read about on a project this morning but i am yet to find it when i came across this lovely heart . Do you have a website that i can join instead of catching up by accident on your superb projects > many thanks Coral

  34. Dear sweet Coral–you make my day when you write! Thank you. No it is not too late for anything that I have offered so far and I doubt I will ever put a time limit on freebies. On the right side menu click on the link “free patterns and designs.” This will take you to posts which offer freebies. Most are mine, but some are links to other sites who have offered wonderful things. The two designs you requested are being sent momentarily. Coral, I would dearly love to take you up on your gracious Australian invitation, but I can no longer bear to be away for any length of time from my wonderful husband, beloved children and grandchildren, dear friends, 3 cats and 3 dogs. But what sweet memories it brings of my earlier trip to your country and the lovely people there. Thank you again for your kind comment.

  35. Helen Ganas

    What a beautiful heart. Thank you.

  36. Wendy Petit

    We are expecting twins in the family and I would love to do this design for them.

  37. Helen, the designs and info have been sent. Happy stitching!

  38. Wendy, the design and stitching info have been sent. What fun to sew for twins!

  39. Hello, thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us,
    I hope I am not to late in asking you to share the heart design with me, I love heirloom sewing, battle to find designs that stitch out beautifully on the fine fabrics used, have just seen and read your tutorial on hem stitch and for the first time have had some clarity, was trying to search for the second part, could not find it,
    Thanking you, God Bless,

  40. Brenda, I’m happy to know my pinstitch tutorial was helpful to you. This is a link to part 2 I’m sorry you had trouble finding it. It’s always good news to know there is another sewist who loves heirloom sewing. It is hard to find designs that stitch out nicely on fine fabric, but this one certainly will serve you well. I’ll send it in an e-mail. Thanks for reading my tutorial and taking time to leave a comment.

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