Repeat: 2 Free Easter designs and Upcoming Easter ’18

I’m busy finishing up Easter dresses for my granddaughters, so once again I am repeating an old Easter post from years ago.  It’s not  too late for you to use the two free Easter designs.  Just post your request in the comment section and they will be e-mailed to you.

If I don’t get a follow up posted, I wish you all a very joyful Easter.  It’s such a beautiful, meaningful holiday.


free Bunny trio applique pattern Children’s Corner Callie


As usual, I am way behind with Easter sewing and sewing in general.  I thought this might be a good time to share some earlier Easter features–dresses and free designs.

This little chocolate bunny dress was made for my 15 month old granddaughter to wear to the church “bunny lunch and egg hunt.”  I was so pleased to finally have the perfect use for my small piece of brown bunny Liberty of London tana lawn.

When I could find no embroidery design that suited me, I bumbled through the digitizing process to create this beginner design.  It is yours for the asking by leaving a comment below.

The second free design is one I used on several Easter baskets.  The name, of course, is not included but the design itself is Easter eggs nestled in grass

For the free grass and eggs design just leave your request in the comment section below.


Vivian Rose’s formal Easter dress that same year is one of the few with which I was mostly satisfied.  It is a modification of Rebecca’ Bow Dress, a pattern I designed many, many years ago for Martha Pullen and for my own 5 70 Rebecca.



Of course, I sewed for the boys as well.  This was a favorite of my younger grandson.

The shirt is Ginger Snaps Hudson’s Sunday Suit.


Last year, 4 yo Vivian Rose wore a pink Swiss voile bishop with an antique lace cherub medallion in the skirt.  She loved it, in spite of the absence of cats, rainbows, or leopard skin print.




This year will be special for me, my daughter and Vivian Rose.  She will wear her mother’s 35 yo Rebecca’s Bow Dress.  I’m just finishing the slip. The original has gone missing in these many years.  Alastair, bless his heart, will patiently endure wearing a coordinating bow tie, as he has in years past.



We’re looking forward to a joyous Easter celebration with both of our children and their families with our 4 precious grandchildren.

I wish you all a wonderful and meaningful Easter this year.






12 responses to “Repeat: 2 Free Easter designs and Upcoming Easter ’18

  1. Rheeta Booth

    I always am so impressed with the amazing work you do but maybe having theDreamMachine has more than a little to do with it!

  2. Thank you, Rheeta, but you are right about the Dream Machine. It makes creating so much easier.

  3. Janice, I would love to have your designs. I am no digitizer, but am experimenting with some simple editing. Is the Rebecca’s bow dress still available from Martha Pullen?

    The “C” monogram on the little boy’s suit is beautiful and would be perfect for a Christening suit that I will be making soon. Would you share the source?

  4. Nancy, I’m sorry but I cannot find the pattern for Rebecca’s Bow Dress anywhere–ebay, etsy or anywhere on line. The “C” monogram is from Martha’s Internet Embroidery Club 2002, Alphabet 2. I don’t see any way to purchase one letter or even just the alphabet. But it really is a lovely font.

  5. Lydia Thompson

    Love your work.
    Would like copies of you free patterns please.

    Stay safe and happy

  6. Lydia, the designs have been sent to your inbox. Thanks for reading my blog. Happy sewing!

  7. Chris Krause

    The Easter basket is so cute! I would appreciate receiving the free egg/grass design. Thx!

  8. Chris, I’m glad the Easter basket caught your eye. The files are in your inbox now. Happy sewing!

  9. Sara Morgan

    I love this! Is the design still available?

  10. Sara, the bunny designs have been sent. Happy stitching!

  11. Brittany Gauger

    These are all fantastic. I especially love the top chocolate bunny dress. I would not have thought to do a little girl’s Easter dress with those colors, but it works!

  12. Thank you, Brittany. I wouldn’t have considered those colors either, but I am so smitten with Liberty of London tana lawn that the chocolate bunnies won me over.

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