Brother-Sister Disney fun


Laurel’s 4th birthday dress


When Laurel hit her Princess phase at four, she chose Minnie Mouse as the theme for her birthday dress and party.  Of course, I made a matching outfit for Robert.

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The children have needed Disney outfits since their first trip to the Magic Kingdom 2 years ago. Even though we live little more than an hour from DisneyWorld, we can’t seem to get enough of it.

Seeing the wonder in the eyes of these  two little grandchildren as we ride through It’s a Small World makes me believe in magic.  And it restores me to my childhood, at least for the duration of the ride.  It’s true what they say about  grandchildren keeping you young–at least at heart.



 Custom made Disney clothes for the adventure helps build their excitement.  Not that it needs building!   But the attention the children get from the characters just reinterates their Nana’s message, “You are special.”



Robert has yet to warm up to the idea of a phot- op hug from Mickey.  But they were both willing to sidle up to a a painting of Pooh.




Both Laurel’s A-line Minnie dress and Robert’s little Jon-Jon suit are made from the patterns in Martha Pullen’s book, Martha’s Favorite Appliques.   Both are made of Swiss pique and pima cotton black gingham check.  They are fully lined and so easy to make.


tired birthday girl

tired birthday girl

Laurel’s 4th birthday dress was made from Hanna’s Sundress  by Collars, Etc. also of Swiss pique.  Twice I have made this comfortable pattern which can be smocked or not.  Both dresses are favorites of Laurel’s.    Under the arm is a casing for elastic to make the fit comfortable and long lasting.


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