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Back at Last!

First, let me wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! My latest post at Brother’s blog Stitching Sewcial is all about embroidered cards, specifically Valentines. I wish you all joy and happiness on this special day of love.

The tutorial gives all the ins and outs of embroidering cards, from choice of cardstock size and attaching embroidery. Check it out and please leave a comment at Stitching Sewcial if you find it helpful or inspiring. Here are a few of the other samples. Details of each are included at Stitching Sewcial:

The front embroidery is covered and inside text is Minnie’s quote. It reads:

This one is for our 6 yo granddaughter. The inside text reads, “Vivian Rose, you are our favorite princess.”

More are posted. I had a hard time stopping, since these are so much fun to make.

But much more has been going on since I last posted here at Janice Ferguson Sews. Of course, Christmas was pure joy, with both of our children joining us with all four of our precious grandchildren. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Many gifts were stitched. Mug rugs caught my attention and I made several for my daughter-in-law, but didn’t manage to get a photo. These are so much fun and make great gifts. She is our nature girl and really liked the apron I embroidered for her with this fabulous bear from Urban Threads. Continue reading

Frilly Kindergarten Shorts Set



This is another outfit in the kindergarten wardrobe Suzanne Sawko is making for her granddaughter.   It seems to meet all the requirements of primary school wear in Florida–the outfit is cool, comfortable and allows for active play.

At the same time it satisfies a little girl’s desire for feminine clothing, as well as her Mamaw’s own desire for a pretty back-to-school wardrobe for this 5 year-old.  And what teacher wouldn’t love to see a new student in a smocked garment?  Clearly, this is a winning 2-piece set. Continue reading

Christmas Dress Embossed

Laurel, fighting off the passion vine

Laurel, fighting off the passion vine which is tumbling down the arbor


Hurrah!  The problems with my server seem to be resolved so Janice Ferguson Sews is back!  After all this time, I hope there are still a few readers left.  There are so many things lined up that I want to share with you.  This is the first.

Granddaughter Laurel’s dress was meant to be just a church frock.  But when time got away from me, it was upgraded to her Christmas dress.  Nonetheless, she wore it to church the first Sunday of Dec. because I had nothing else made up for her.

These pitiful pictures were taken in a rush after church and before Laurel had to hurry off to another event.  And if you think this photo is bad, wait until you see the others!  But they do show you the details of the dress.  I should have taken a minute or two to press her dress and sweep the walk.


L gate top

bodice embossed with Embossed Frame Monogram Alphabet from Designs by JuJu

The bodice is burgundy cotton velveteen, the skirt a heavy poly silk.  The sleeves and neckline are bound with poly silk bias.  Since I first saw the embossed designs, I’ve been wanting to stitch one.  When planning this dress,  I realized the velveteen was a perfect fabric for this  technique. Continue reading

Moving on…..

all w headband2BR


It seemed as though I would never finish this simple little pini-4, but at last it is checked off on my to-do list.  There were no technical complications, but rather just a matter if life getting in the way.  Entire days passed when I did not sew and that makes me cranky.  I feel better now.

The original plan was to add a row of cable under the beaded ribbon, but in my eagerness to finish this up I just forgot.  Of course, it’s not too late and I could still do it.  It  really would look better.  But I am tired of this project.  It’s done. I’m ready to move on.

The pattern is the same one I used for the Liberty of London popover for granddaughter Vivian Rose.  But I look forward to when Lisa at Mommy’s Apron Strings releases her very similar pattern.  She has so many improvements, like sizing.


pini4-patt Continue reading

Vivian Rose, Fashionista

COMPUTER STATUS UPDATE:  The computer is sporadically cooperative but  after a while, not.  Genius SIL Harvey fiddled with it some and thought it was okay.  It is better but…. When he has a break from the big project he is working on, I will ask him for more help.  Meanwhile, I appreciate your patience with my slow response to any comments or inquiries.


Vivian Rose 6 weeks old

Vivian Rose 6 weeks old


Rebecca just sent these pictures of Vivian Rose wearing some of her new clothes.  After her nap, she modeled the OFB bubble with the coordinated diaper shirt.  The silky texture of the Liberty tanna lawn seems to be a perfect companion to a baby’s tender skin.



Her little diaper shirt is all askew, but this is the best photo of her sweet face.

Continue reading

Another Smocked AG Doll Dress


This dress was made many years ago, before embroidery machines, before grandchildren and before I had any idea that grandparenthood would be such a busy time.  Again and again I am grateful for all my class samples, like this dress,  which seem to have been lying in wait to be worn or played with by a grandchild.

When Mildred Turner and I were doing our Sewing for Dolls schools around the country, we designed unique, personalized wardrobes for porcelain dolls, made by my mother and included in the class kits.  Each school had a different doll–the same body but different face and hair, like American Girl or Cabbage Patch dolls, so all the clothes and patterns were interchangeable.

Each doll was like a participant in the Witness Protection Program.  She was given an identity and fictional life, even an adoption certificate,  then outfitted to fit the character she became. Continue reading

Cousins’ Matching Birthday Dresses

I’m busy making spa wraps for Laurel’s 10 birthday party guests and their AG dolls. Then I’ll start embroidering button covers for my Hope Yoder button-up machine. They will be attached to ponytail holders but the girls will do that at the party. Lots of fun, but nothing to show or report now. So once again, I am posting one of Judy Day’s projects.

Her 8 year-old granddaughters are just 3 months apart in age.  Making gorgeous, matching birthday dresses, along with gorgeous matching doll dresses and hairbows is an annual challenge for their long-distance grandmother. Of course, there are also matching Christmas and Easter dresses.  If you haven’t seen Judy’s lovely creations, click on Judy Day’s Creations  in the menu on the right.

As happens so often, Creative Needle  magazine provided the inspiration for the birthday dresses.  Judy told me that the Sept./Oct. 2001 issue had been waiting its turn on her cutting table since before the girls were born.  That’s where she stacks “I definitely want to make that!” ideas. Continue reading

Easter Dresses by Judy Day


Judy is as skilled at gardening as she is at sewing. Just look at this spring scene in her back yard!


Judy Day has continued her tradition of gorgeous Easter dresses and hairbows for both of her granddaughters and their dolls.  These are very different from the heirloom confections she has always made.   But as we all know, as little girls grow a little older, they like contemporary garments. 

Here is Judy’s tale of how  these dresses came about.

This idea for this year’s Easter dresses for my DGDs actually started last summer when I was asked to make a store sample for B Sew Inn (BabyLock dealer)in Springfield, MO.  I fell in love with the dress from the picture on the front of the book, “Rosie and Me“  by Michelle Griffith.


Continue reading

Valentine Pettiskirt Ensemble

Judy Day made these darling Valentine outfits for her granddaughters. As my granddaughter, Laurel, would say, these are “cool!” Judy has a knack for seeing one thing and envisioning another. The Valentine ensembles clearly demonstrate that ability.  Here are the details from Judy.~~~~~~

I typically don’t make Valentine specific outfits, as I want my granddaughters to wear the things I sew for them longer than this short season.

Purchased “blank” items can be transformed into personal outfits with just a little embellishment here and there, as these outfits attest. Continue reading

Special Occasion Smocked Dawg Dress

NOTE: This post is overdue by my regular schedule, but I’ve been tied up with my dear 89 year-old Aunt Aileen who fell and broke her hip yesterday. In spite of her many medical complications–diabetes, hypertension, COPD and dementia–she managed to come through today’s surgery with flying colors. The whole family thanks God and would appreciate any prayers offered up for her recovery.


dawg dress crop

Notice the matching hair bow nestled in the crape myrtle.


As a rabid fan of the Florida Gators and all South Eastern Conference college sports, I respect the enthusiasm and loyalty of University of Georgia fans.

Rabid University of Tennessee fan Judy Day made this dress for her granddaughter Kennedy to wear to a very special Georgia Bulldog occasion.  This weekend  Kennedy’s mother Amy (a rabid UGA fan, of course), who is also Judy’s daughter, will be awarded a doctorate in education.  That is really special!


dawgs close


Won’t Kennedy look adorable in this dress?  With her matching hair bow and toe bows, his pretty 7 year-old will probably steal the show from the graduates.


Dawg toe bows


The red sleeveless dress is lined with black polka dot fabric, which is also used for the piping that outlines the smocked insert.  Always a stickler for attention to detail, Judy repeated the black polka dot pattern in the ribbon for the hair and toe bows.

The smocking plate is Spencer the Bulldog, from Collars, Etc. The dress pattern is Lucy  from Children’s Corner, though Judy modified the armhole curve in order to better accommodate the smocked insert.  All the while she was working on this dress, she was glowing with joy for the fine young lady her daughter is.

The entire family’s pride in Amy’s accomplishments is well  justified.    She has successfully juggled her busy schedule–teaching mentally handicapped children, caring for her family, attending classes, doing research and writing a dissertation.  In the midst of all this, she has taken in custom sewing and embroidery orders which she calls her therapy.  She is one of us!

Congratulations, Dr. Amy!  And kudos to Judy for another perfect memory making outfit for her grandchild.