Easter Bunny Lunch~Casual Garments



I hope you all had a joyful Easter.  We had a beautiful weekend-long celebration with a houseful of laughing adult children and grandchildren.  Our daughter, Rebecca, her family and our son Ryan’s family were here.  He is a pilot and, sadly, was unable join us.  We’re happy that he loves his work, but we miss him at so many family gatherings.




Friday night, while taking a break from my sewing, I made more than 100 little raisin bread/cream cheese/jelly sandwiches for Saturday’s Bunny Lunch at church.  My dear, helpful husband sat with me and cut away the crusts from 5 loaves while I spread the filling.  The sandwiches were topped with cream cheese carrots sprinkled with a little orange sugar which pleased the children.


tie design from Linnie Pinnie, with single bunny from

Tie design from is Linnie Pinnie, with single bunny extracted from Bernina’s Warm Wishes from Ingrid collection.


Grandson Robert was  tied up with a football game so he missed the lunch.  The three grandchildren  were all dressed in specially made casual Easter clothes and gathered eggs in their personalized Easter baskets.   Five year old Alastair wore  the  carrot tie shirt made during my pre-Easter sewing frenzy.


Her straps were too long.

Vivian Rose’s straps were too long. (Photo compliments of Don Tutt, church photographer.)   Her cut lip is the result of todling at break-neck speed and falling face down onto the porch floor.


Vivian Rose’s Liberty trimmed  bunny dress  (Children’s Corner Callie) was perfectly themed to the occasion, though the straps were much too long, even after being shortened by 2″.  She fits some 18 months and some 2′s.  I should have made the 18 month size for a better fit.


L playground

Laurel’s dress is made from Sew Beautiful’s pattern, Summer Separates.


Laurel Cade wore her monogrammed End of Summer dress which was too big for her at the end of last summer.  A few  small tucks will be taken in the skirt to shorten it, but otherwise now it’s a perfect fit.  I guess we should rename it Beginning of Summer dress.

All weekend,  motherly Laurel spent almost every moment doting on and trailing behind our 15 month old whirling dervish, Vivian Rose.  Laurel prevented her from transferring the dog chow to the water dish, from tumbling down the stairs, from playing in the toilet (she can open the lid), from falling in the pool and from rushing into my dangerously delightful sewing room.   Maybe she just has a hankering to sew.  Whatever.  She was not allowed in there and Laurel kept her out.

Alastair, 5, and Robert Charles, 8, climbed trees, ran wild outside, played in the tree house, and slid down the banister again and again, laughing and squealingall the while–beautiful music to the ears of these grandparents.

And that was just Saturday.  Easter Sunday was just as joyful.   More on that in the next post.  I’m still purring happily with my memories.

I’d love to hear about your Easter.


grandchildren sign

Happy Easter!



…that’s what we had.  I hope yours was joyful and happy, filled with family and friends and children all around.

I completed all my sewing, made up more than one hundred raisin bread/cream cheese/jelly sandwiches for the church bunny lunch, finished all the cooking for Easter dinner and spent a joy filled weekend surrounded by all four grandchildren and other family members.  It was a beautiful Easter celebration.

They’ve all gone home now and the house is quiet.  The baby isn’t jabbering non-stop or slipping off to play in the dogs’ water bowl.  The boys are not running in and out of the house, laughing andf slamming screen doors.  Laurel isn’t scurrying around, helping in the kitchen or chasing after Vivian Rose.  My adult children and spouses are not laughing and joking with one another.  Bob and I are not sharing smiles of understanding and appreciation as our eyes meet across the room.

I hope your Easter was as special.  And I hope you are not as exhausted as I am.

Psst...that's not really me.

Psst…that’s not really me.

Bunny Dress for Bunny Lunch

bunny callie CR

One more Easter outfit finished.  This is for Vivian Rose to wear to the Bunny Lunch/Easter Egg Hunt at church on Saturday.

The pattern is Children’s Corner Callie, made from some anonymous pink fabric from my stash and trimmed with this sweet vintage Liberty bunny print.  It has been aging in my stash for so long that these playful rabbits are elderly by now.

More details later.  I still have Easter sewing to finish.  Tick  tock tick tock…..


Baby’s Easter Slip & Tips

slip 2

slip for Baby’s Easter bow dress


This pink slip was made to be worn under granddaughter Vivian Rose’s white batiste Easter dress.  It create a soft pink shadow effect.


dress pink2


The slip bodice was monogrammed with white thread.


mono light


There are some interesting construction details on this slip.   As big fan of lace tape, I tried using it for the armscye facing and the placket.


slip armscye

lace tape facing

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Baby’s Easter Dress

dress pink2

Vivian Rose’s white Easter dress with pink slip

NOTE:  Please excuse the poor quality of these photos. They were taken midday, making it nearly impossible to get a shot without shadows.  The breeze was blowing and the dress kept moving.  And photography is not my strong suit.

Are you all busy with Easter sewing?  Busy, busy, busy has been the status around here for some time and it’s not been all about sewing.  With Aunt Rheeta’s visit,  Rebecca’s 3-day visit with Alastair and Vivian Rose,  and sleepovers with our other two grandchildren, progress on Easter outfits is way behind schedule.  But I loved every minute of these visits and have no regrets.

During that time, however, I did manage to make some progress on  Vivian Rose’s holiday finery and now that things have quieted down, I  have just finished her dress and slip.


dress no slip

dress without pink slip

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Rheeta’s Visit ~Sweat Shop or Working Vacation?


Aunt Rheeta has fallen in love with my Brother Quattro.

What a fabulous time we have had with my dear Aunt Rheeta.  She and her little apricot poodle, Molly, visited us here in Florida to escape the bitter Indiana winter and do a little sewing.  As it happened, she did more than a little.  In fact, my sewing room was like a sweat shop.  She accomplished so much!  Having an in-house sewing buddy was such fun.

We worked together, with most of the design arrangement done by me and most of the sewing done by her.    She is no newcomer to machine embroidery, only new to my Brother Quattro which she loved.

Rheeta has several major projects under her belt, including a spectacular embroidered linen communion cloth for her church, an exquisitely embroidered Bible cover and more.

Her primary goal was to finish high school graduation gifts for her granddaughter Alexa, a rising freshman at Texas A & M.  Rheeta’s first project was the requisite college fleece throw in school colors.

Edges are finished with a 3-thread wide serge.

Edges are finished with a 3-thread wide serge.  We didn’t worry about the wrinkles as the blanket was soon be packed tightly into her over packed suitcase for the trip home to Indiana.


The embroidery is Applique Market’s College Double Applique Alphabet.  As you can see, Rheeta used only the outline.  I love this versatile collection which comes with letters in

Since her acceptance letter,  Alexa has dressed her 4 lb. dog in a tiny, maroon, Texas  A & M shirt.  Certainly, she will be pleased with this fleece blanket.


Rheeta's granddaughter is, indeed, Princess of Quite a Lot of Laundry!

Rheeta’s granddaughter is, indeed, Princess of Quite a Lot of Laundry!

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Expo Inspiration+Free ME Yo-Yo’s

Pattern: Flamingo Cove

Pattern: Flamingo Cove    Notice the yo-yo’s on the fish, turtles, crab, pelicans, flamingos, bush and more.  My favorite is the sun yo-yo, surrounded by rick rack.


The Lakeland Quilt and Sewing Expo in Lakeland was the highlight of last week for Suzanne Sawko and me.  We were swamped with inspiration!  Our last minute trip was scheduled too late for us to register for classes, but the vendors and quilt displays made the trip more than worth while.


Lion's Den

Lion’s Den pattern

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Fundraiser Pre-School Cot Sheet

cherry sheet all


Each of us who sews is asked occasionally to make something for a fundraiser.   It feels good to use our skills for a worthy cause and reminds us that we have the power to make this world a better (if only slightly) place because we can sew.


woman sews

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Free Grass & Easter Baskets

5 basketsA


My struggle to break away from spring gardening was put to rest when two days of much needed, non-stop rain fell on Glenwood.  As it poured, I planned Vivian Rose’s size 2 Easter dress, pulled out all the goods needed and even did a little work on the fancyband.

In the midst of planning the granddaughters’ Easter finery, a huge, eagerly awaited box arrived with these 5  baskets.   That box changed my direction right then and there.  I had to get them personalized and out of my way.  They will be used at our church’s Bunny Lunch and egg hung as well as Easter morning.


Harry 1


One is for the 6 month old Harry, first grandchild of a beloved friend who has waited what has seemed like an eternity for a grandchild.  The little guy won’t be hunting eggs this Easter, but his grandmother wanted him to have a special basket for his first Easter. Continue reading

I’m not sewing now because……

Spring has sprung in central Florida.  I’m not sewing now because this is the most glorious time of year in the most glorious place to live.  I’m not sewing now because I love to be outside in the midst of blooming azaleas, dogwood, and roses with the sweet perfume of citrus blossoms in the air.  And I’m not sewing now  because there is just so much gardening that needs to be done!

Az W drive

Orchid pink azaleas border one side of the driveway from the road until it gets to the Confederate jasmine climbing a palm tree.  The leafless shrub to the right is a gorgeous oakleaf hydrangea who is slow to awaken from winter. Those leaves need raking.



My sewing room looks over this bed of roses, but the view is better from outside. These bushes need fertilizer.


This is what I see from that lattice window in my sewing room.  But again, seein the bouganvillea from outside is better.  It needs to be tied up to the porch.

This is what I see from the latticed window in my sewing room. But again, seeing the bouganvillea from outside is better. That thorny climber needs to be tied up to the porch.



Another bouganvillea grows on the opposite end of the back porch and hangs down to the kitchen windows.  An aggressive climber, it is trying to get into Bob’s upstairs study.  It needs to be cut back.

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