Moana Dress for Disney’s New Princess



Have you seen the delightful new Moana movie? Granddaughter Laurel, her mother and I went to see it over Christmas and it reminded me that I haven’t blogged about the Moana items I have made.  A complete tutorial is posted at Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial.

The Simplicity Burda pattern for is dress is so versatile and easy.   I like a pattern that leaves room for personal interpretation as this one certainly does.  The dress would have been so much nicer if the print had been used for the hem.  That’s just one more woulda coulda shoulda for me.



The designs are just exquisitely digitized.  The intricate details are clear and distinct.






I loved the cotton fabric I chose from  It’s  Heather Ross Mendocino Kelp-Forest Brown-Blue and it just seemed the perfect background with the seahorses and octopi for the South Sea Island characters   The solid tan is Kona cotton.

On the Wayfinder design, the sea creatures seem to be swimming into or out of the embroidery.




The designs were so intriguing that I made keychains to go with the dress.  I’ve found these kid-pleasing hangers to be very popular with children.  They are easy to make with a Brother Quattro or Dream Machine, but can also be made on any embroidery machine.  Finished with just a simple built in shape on your machine, the keychains would lack only the perfect outlining of the design.




Wouldn’t it be fun to take a little girl to the movie wearing a Moana dress?  Or to gift a boy–because the movie is very guy friendly–with a Maui keychain?  Now there’s  a superhero!


Fun Sewing and our 12 Days of Christmas

Another CC Lucy--and another kitty cat dress for my kitty cat loving granddaughter.

Another CC Lucy–and another kitty cat outfit for my kitty cat loving granddaughter.  The fabric features Disney’s Aristocats.

Happy 2017 to you all!  I hope yours was the merriest Christmas and holiday season ever because the Ferguson family’s surely was.

I can’t help but rant on and on ad nauseum about our holiday activities and good times, so for those who prefer to stay on topic, which would be SEWING, I will save those details for after the sewing news.  But we really had some great fun and you might glean an idea or two for your family gatherings.

At Thanksgiving, almost 4 yo granddaughter Vivian Rose asked me to please make her another “kitty cat” outfit.  Then as she walked in the door for Christmas, she again pleaded with this wrapped-around-her-little-finger Nana for another kitty cat dress. Please!

After the Too Many Cats dress cat-astrophe, I thought maybe I could talk her into trading the  too big, too worn out and too ugly dress for another better one.  Having this fabric on hand and my go-to CC Lucy pattern at the ready, I worked on it for two evenings after she went to sleep.  Voila’!  A new and improved version of kitty cat dress, though I wish I had taken time to lay out the front so the Eiffel Tower was centered.


This puffy pocket is a free pattern at Chidren's Corner website.

This puffy pocket is a free pattern at Children’s Corner website.   It’s a sweet little addition to any number of patterns.


The pocket is not piped.  I’ve taken to substituting spaghetti bias for piping.  It is simply butted up to the attached pocket and secured with a tiny zig zag and monofilament thread.  Cover the raw edges with a button.  Easy peasy.

The good news?  Vivian Rose loved it, though she did say that the pockets were too small.  She knew she couldn’t fit in her little hand and a big fat chocolate donut. Granddad ALWAYS has a box of Dunkin Donuts on the counter for easy access.  And he replaces it daily when he goes for his early morning hot latte.  He figures they can eat healthy at home.

The bad news?  No way would she give up Too Many Cats, now demoted to Second Favorite Dress.  Oh, well.  It has been laundered 2-3 times a week since Sept. 1 so how much longer can it last?  Maybe a while…. the fabric is such good quality.

The boys wanted to sew (read “embroider”) as soon as they arrived.  Alastair, 7, yo, is quite competent at threading and running my Brother Quattro machine.  So he selected the embroidery design, selected his colors and stitched it with no more help than my hooping it for him.  He was so pleased, and so was his proud mother.

Alastair with the dishtowel he embroidered for his mother.

Alastair with the dishtowel he embroidered for his mother.  What a sweet message he embroidered for her!  It’s in the OESD collection Live, Laugh, Love 12298.


At the same time, Robert, 11,  was embroidering a dishtowel for his mother on my Brother Dream Machine.  But I did not get a picture.  In September his family moved from Florida (24 miles from our home) to New Jersey –BOO HOO!!!!  He chose a design which looks similar to their new home, stitched it in brown like the exterior and even added the house number to the front door.


This design is from an old Bernina card, Home and Garden, 770. I've used this design a few times for a casual housewarming gift. No one feels beholden due to a dishtowel gift.

This design is from an old Bernina card, Home and Garden, 770.  I added the grass. I’ve used this design a few times for a casual housewarming gift. I like it because no one feels beholden for a dishtowel gift.


Robert did this and even used the array feature to arc the text in Brother’s PE-Design.  These kids must be born with a chip.  It comes so easily to them.

For a friend’s new baby I embroidered a soft knit hooded towel, wash cloth, and bib set.  Yellow duck from an old Amazing Designs Bath Time 1 collection looked sweet on white with picot edged pastel aqua.  But again, no time for a photo.

I did get a picture of my favorite Christmas gift.  Included in Robert’s 6th grade curriculum is a co-ed Modern Living class.  One project was hand sewing  a small pillow.  Robert selected the fabric and made this pin cushion for me.  I love it, I love every stitch he made and I love him.

Pincushion handstitched by 11 yo grandson, Robert.

Pincushion handstitched by 11 yo grandson, Robert.  It really is perfectly square but was propped up and looks irregularly shaped.


Then with white glass head pins he embellished it with his initials.  That seemed like a good idea to  7 yo cousin Alastair so he did the same using silver Iris pins.  He even helped almost 4yo Vivian Rose with hers.

The rest of this post is family chit chat, so skip this if it doesn’t interest you.  It will probably bore you but it makes me happy to relive those days with pictures and words.  It really was 12 days of fun.

Our 12 Days of Christmas Fun

On the first day after our son’s family arrived at our home,  we decorated gingerbread houses.  That’s a long standing tradition in our family–decorating the house and eating a good bit of the candy decorations.

The NJ kids washed the golf cart just to soak up the warm Florida sunshine.  Also, to please their beloved granddad for whom they would do anything.



Christmas Eve we wrapped gifts and went to a beautiful candlelight service.  Sitting together in the beautiful sanctuary, listening to the glorious choir and singing age old carols kept the reason for the season fresh in our minds.




Of course, Christmas Day we had a traditional celebrations–gifts, a huge turkey dinner, and fun.   Our son and son-in-law (and their children) had a big time with the remote controlled air sharks.  When I saw these advertised on line I couldn’t resist them.  But the fins kept falling off and one shark was determined to go his own way,  regardless of the remote’s direction. Still, they generated a lot of laughter.



Granddad feigns fear to delight little Vivian.


The children were eager to spend time with their Florida friends,  several of whom visited at our house.  Robert and Laurel, especially, spent time at their friend’s homes, catching up and reconnecting.


There is Vivi in the Too Many Cats dress, though she has decided to wear it backwards. Who cares?


As we planned for the holidays, we thought we needed to spice things up with more to do than hanging out with the grandparents and their friends.  So we made up a few entertaining activities.

When I saw  these lighted beanies on-line, I ordered one for everyone.  Aside from being useful for the older grands who wait mornings for the school bus in the dark, I thought we could have fun with these.  So 10 beanies were ordered, one for each member of  the family.

So the hats were distributed and the game Gotcha became a new tradition.  Basically, it’s just hide-and-seek in the dark.  While “IT” stands in the middle of the yard with eyes closed, each person finds a hiding spot in the front yard, with their beanies lighted so as not to run into a tree.  At the count of 25 IT calls “lights out!” then counts to five before seeking with his light on.  When someone is spotted, IT yells “Gotcha!” and the game starts over again.  And again. And again.  The children never tired of it, but the adults surely did.


Gotcha crew all suited up.

Rastus inspecting the Gotcha crew,  all suited up.


Other evenings we made s’mores over a huge bonfire. Our left over yard debris  from Hurricane Matthew made impressive bonfires.


Some nights we played Gotcha AND had a bonfire.

Some nights we played Gotcha AND had a s’mores bonfire.  Big time!  But Vivi was fading.


The children loved The Quest, a modified daytime scavenger hunt, though  the only thing they hunted for was the next clue.

“It’s got a new roof and a ladder to climb.  That’s where the next clue you will find.”  Off they went to the tree house and poked around looking for the next clue.



“Towels and goggles and maybe some trunks.  Your clue’s in a big box along with some junk.”  To the pool!



“A tree was planted for each grandchild. Your clue is by one kitty cat wild.”  No question about this one.  They ran to Vivian’s tree.



“You love to ride it especially at night. The next clue is near there but not in bright light.”  Off to Bob’s utility shed where the golf cart is kept.  I took a while to find that well hidden clue.



“There are two naked children wearing no clothes.   Why are they like that?  Nobody knows.”   They ran off to the back garden.



There were 14 clues and the children ran and ran, criss-crossing our 3 acres again and again.  We wore them out.  Yeah!




“Go to the place where we all love to eat. Have a root beer float.  You’ve completed this feat!”


Ice cream, root beer and whipped cream are stock items at Nana’s house.  And, of course, there is milk for a chaser.


What a happy 12 days we had.  We managed to spend time alone with each of our fabulous adult children.  Laurel and I had a Starbucks date.  We went to see the new Moana movie.  There were night rides on the golf cart, football games watched in front of the fireplace, bedtime stories and prayers and lots and lots of kisses and hugs.  But still, we wanted more.  So until the next time we are all  together I pray this prayer.



Last Minute Gifts


By now we’re all down to the wire for those last minute Christmas gifts.  I have a few suggestions that I hope will help you finish up.

Time is short and the list is long.  I’m down to the postmistress, a sad and stressed neighbor, some neighborhood children and a few others outside the family.  So now I’m really scurrying and relying on these tried and true projects.


Orange marmalade recipe design from Embroidery Library with oranges added at the top..

Orange marmalade recipe design from Embroidery Library with oranges added at the top..

My personal favorite for a last minute gift is a dishtowel.  Blank towels can be purchased and embroidered with a personal design.  Or one can be personalized with a turn tube/burrito hem and 1/4 yd. of novelty fabric that reflects and interest of the recipient.

I love making recipe towels, like this one featuring orange marmalade.  It is made with a turn tube hem.  I pick up homemade jars of jams all summer in anticipation of making these gifts.  Of course, I only buy goodies for which I have recipes.  Embroidery Library has a nice variety of berry jams, as well as root beer floats, and others.  This year they have added blackberry preserves, orange marmalade, blueberry jam, peach and more.

A towel like this with an dded print hem would be received by our friends with an olive grove if only I could find olive fabric.  But that has proven to be hard to find so that one may require embroidery.








Another of my all-time favorite last minute gifts is the washaway gift bag towel.  You begin with a towel and  add a little embroidery–or not.


just a towel with some embroidery

just a towel with some embroidery


With right sides together, fold up the lower 1/3 and seam the side with washaway thread.    Turn it right side out, use big safety pins as ribbon runners.  Drop in a disposable aluminum loaf pan and fill with cookies.  Run ribbon through the pins and tie the bag up.



Once the cookies have been removed, a quick spritz of water will release the seam and leave a nice holiday gift towel.


For children you can’t go wrong with keychains, the dingle dangles they hang off their book bags.





Whether you choose favorite characters or sports items or whatever, you can make them easily with Brother’s Quattro or Dream Machine.  A tutorial for these machines is posted at Brother Sews.

Without those specific machines, you can simply embroider the chosen design/motif on stiffy felt.  I prefer to hoop stabilizer and then secure the felt with spray adhesive.  Before you embroider, tuck the ends of  a ribbon loop 2″ under the felt.   Embroider your design.

Import one of the frames on your machine–square, oval, circle, shield, whichever most closely fits the shape.  Resize it to surround your design.

Next, remove the hoop from the machine but DO NOT remove the felt from the frame.  Cut another piece of felt which will generously cover the existing embroidery.

Apply glue stick to the felt.  Place that on the underside of the embroidered motif and stitch the selected frame.

After the two pieces of felt are joined together with the embroidered frame, carefully cut approximately 1/8-1/4″ outside the embroidered frame.


Pencil toppers are another kid pleaser.



There is a complete tutorial on these smiley face toppers, along with the design which will be sent free upon request.  You can easily change out the smiley face for any other small design in your embroidery library that might have greater appeal to a particular child.

I’m off to finish up a few of my last minute gifts.  How is your Christmas sewing coming along?  What have you made?  I’d love to hear about it.

AHA! Tip Used Again

My AHA! moment #2, learned from a Christmas stocking last year,  was a new gadget for my sewing skill toolbox. And like good tools, it was needed again this year to complete a project for the same sweet friend.  Since the stockings for her family of four were “hung by the chimney with care”  last Christmas Eve,  the need for 3 more has arisen, one for their Elf on the Shelf “Snowflake,” one for their new dog “Jaxx” and one for visiting grandmother, “Sarah.”

This friend will be getting a Brother embroidery machine for Christmas (shhh!), but right now she knows very little about the process.  So when she came to me with the 3 stockings to be embroidered, oblivious of the difficulties that they posed, all I could think was oh how I wished Santa had brought me that single head free arm Brother Persona!!!!  But where there’s a will, there’s a way.



A stocking for their Elf on the Shelf? Who knew.


So….first I tackled the little red knit stocking for Snowflake, the elf.  It seemed to be the easiest of the lot and I needed to warm up to the task. I was so happy to have already figured out the two-baste-frame technique from last year.

The cuff was turned down and basted, with difficulty, to heavy duty water soluble stabilizer.  Then, it was embroidered “in a cave,” while I carefully kept the stocking lifted  above the embroidery foot with long needle tweezers.  And, as I expected, it worked. The lettering is very small, but so is the elf, so I guess it’s okay, right?


Can you see the snowflake?

Can you see the snowflake?


A tiny silver metallic snowflake was embroidered over the “o” in the name.  It’s not very noticeable but I expect the children and the elf will see it.


for their beloved dog

for their beloved dog


Next came Jaxx’s sock.   I knew the lettering would have to be bold in order to be seen through that ultra-hairy fur.  In fact, even with heavy red stitching, I had to give the area around the lettering a haircut.  Why I felt the need to make the x’s bones, I can’t explain.  And they had to be gray ultrasuede, to look more like a bone.  Why, I ask you?




Of course, the faux fur and its lining was very spongy and the embroidery machine was not crazy about stitching over it.  When it came to the ultrasuede there was thread breakage.  I didn’t dare go over it again for fear of cutting through the ultrasuede.  So it is not perfect, by a long shot.  But the children, 5 and 7 yo, will enjoy it and probably not notice.  For sure, Jaxx won’t care so I’m not too worried.


for Grandma Sarah

for Grandma Sarah


The stocking for Sarah was the greatest challenge, mostly because  I had been terribly sick with a vicious virus for nearly a week.  This was my second Z-pack and my second go-round with this bug.  I was long on chores and short on time. Tackling this sock on my first day out of pajamas was probably not a good idea.

First, the silky lined stocking was turned inside out and basted to stabilizer with a lot of whining on my part.  I fiddled with the letters in PE-Design, printed multiple templates, tried to work around those snowflakes, and was unable to tell if the template, shoved into the already inside out and basted stocking,  was in the right position.

I finally decided that this final version would work, MUST work.  When all was said and done, the stocking could have/should have been positioned further to the left. I surely wish her mother had named her Sara.  The “h” disappears as it wraps around the seam.    But it does say Sarah.  I’m calling it a win.


disappearing "h"

disappearing “h”


Before the stockings and between bouts of being laid low with the virus, I did manage to finish a relatively satisfactory stippled, scrappy Disney Christmas quilt.   I will share with you soon.

I hope you are getting all of your Christmas sewing done and having fun with it.  That’s what I’m going to be doing as soon as this Z-pack kicks in full strength.

Please share some of your Christmas projects.  I’d love to see what you are sewing.


Christmas Tidbits

Truly, this is the most wonderful time of the year.  And it’s just around the corner.

YouTube Preview Image

Meanwhile, the black velveteen for Vivian Rose’s Christmas dress (because black is this child’s best hope for an all-day appearance of cleanliness) is still in the package from Farmhouse Fabrics.    I’m still returning china, laundering and pressing 140 dinner napkins while recovering from Thanksgiving.  We were deeply involved in a fabulous almost family wedding Thanksgiving weekend.  FYI, the groom is almost family–there was nothing” almost” about the wedding!  That’s what the 140 dinner napkins were all about.

For 5 days of Thanksgiving and 5 days with so much for which to be thankful,   our house was filled with the families of both of our children, including all 4 of our precious grands.  It was a glorious time, but exhausting with the wedding thrown in there.

But back to Christmas……

Tidbit #1:  Do you all know about Jacquie Lawson‘s electronic greeting cards?  They are just spectacular.  For a small fee you have unlimited access to cards all year long. I share this with you now because of the advent calendar she offers each year.  Members, for a very small fee (as little as $2 each for 10 or more) can give a daily magical electronic Christmas experience to children or anyone.

This year there are two versions, a Victorian Christmas


This year's Jacquie Lawson electronic Victorian Advent Calendar

This year’s Jacquie Lawson electronic Victorian Advent Calendar


and a Seaside Advent calendar.


Seaside Advent caledar

Seaside Advent calendar


I ordered one each for myself and one each for my husband, in addition to the grands and other children we love.  Please at least look at the preview of these delights.

My two older grandchildren, 11 and 12 years old, asked me at Thanksgiving if they would be getting calendars this year.  Of course, they have received theirs and when 11 yo Robert called me last night, we decorated a tree and made a wreath “together”  as we chatted and discussed our choices and creations.

I have no affiliation with Jacquie Lawson whatsoever, but I want to share this unique Christmas experience with you.

Tidbit 2:  Another of my project tutorials has been posted at Brother’s Stitching Sewcial blog.  This is a quick gift idea, embroidered linen coasters.




As a bonus, the Winter Wonderland embroidery design is being offered for free.  Please check it out and leave a comment if you like it.  If you don’t……..well, never mind.

Tidbit #3:  Did you look closely at the banner above at Janice Ferguson Sews?  It’s from the Stetson Mansion’s web site. I was tickled pink to see the Early American Sewing  Machines book in this Christmas collage.  I’d love to peruse that volume.

The Christmas tour of the Mansion is a highlight of the season for us.  When the older grandchildren are here for the holidays, we will take that tour.

Well, that’s all the tidbits for now.  Right now, I’m busy finishing up a cute Disney Christmas quilt then I’ll move on to Vivi’s dress, decorating the tree and Christmas cards.  Can you tell I’m waaaaay behind schedule?

This weekend I’ll be at Rebecca’s gingerbread house decorating party and then  Vivian’s preschool Christmas program.  More Christmas delights to come!

I hope you all are not behind schedule with your Christmas preparations as am I.   Happy Christmas stitching to you all!

Wash Me!

Wash Me – Personalized Laundry Bag

Yeah!  My personalized Disney Alphabet laundry bag tutorial has just been posted on Brother’s blog, Stitching Sewcial.  It was a fun and enjoyable project.  Those alphabet characters are cute as can be.  I felt like a real in-the-know and up-to-date Nana when I recognized most of characters.  I’m studying up on the others.

Check out the post for detailed construction and embroidery instructions.  If you  find it interesting or useful, I’d really appreciate a comment left on the blog.

Like dishtowels, my favorite hostess or whatever gift, a laundry bag can be used even if it’s not in the recipient’s favorite colors.  It’s good for children, campers, college students and even adults.  I meant to make one for my elderly Aunt Aileen when she moved into a nursing home.  Sadly, she left us before I got it made but I know she would have loved it.

“Laundry bag” sounds so utilitarian and boring.  But they can be a fun and gentle reminder for children (and others) to bag up those dirty clothes.  For each of my grandchildren I have made a bag and they are used regularly.  When she was here for the weekend, 3 yo Vivian Rose asked where her laundry bag was as she put on her pajamas. With no reminder, she put that day’s outfit in the bag and went to brush her teeth.




My sewing buddy, Aunt Rheeta, made bags for each of her college bound granddaughters.  One is denim, the other pink, but the design is the same, except for the monogram.


for her granddaughter, a Princess of Quite a Lot of Laundry

for her granddaughter, a Princess of Quite a Lot of Laundry




Judy Day made this bag for her daughter.  She used a mesh-like fabric and really cute embroideries.




One of my favorite bags is this one, made for my daughter.  It’s one of many projects inspired by the incredibly creative Sue Lord.  When our Rebecca finished graduate school, she became a career girl.  She bought a little house, a washer and a dryer.  Giving her this bag signaled the end of the “bringing laundry home to Mama” era.  She loved it.




Mothers, grandmothers, and aunties have forever made laundry bags for their loved ones.  I treasure this antique, hand embroidered baby sack, made for a beloved little boy.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the embroidery has faded to the palest blue.




Christmas is just around the corner.  I bet there is someone on your list who could use a laundry bag.  It’s a quick and easy gift.

Meet Me at the Fair!

Having just arrived at her first fair, granddaughter Vivian Rose was awestruck.

Having just arrived at her first fair, granddaughter Vivian Rose was awestruck.

Midweek our daughter called to ask if we would like to have  3 yo granddaughter Vivian Rose for the weekend.  OF COURSE!!!!   Her brother and daddy would be camping with the Cub Scouts and her mama planned a visit with her college roommate.

When I realized that the county fair was in progress, I was even more excited.  I LOVE the fair.  This would be an incredible experience for all three of us–Nana, Granddad and Vivi.

When she arrived Friday afternoon,  we looked on-line at fair pictures.  She was intrigued and couldn’t wait.

After our little bundle of energy was bedded down late Friday night, I started on her fair outfit.  It was a HUGE hit for this gal with very strong fashion opinions.




Her  “rainbow leggings”  were recently purchased just because I thought she would like them. At the time,  I wasn’t sure just what I would make to go with them.  When the fair visit was scheduled, I knew they would perfectly compliment the CC Lucy I had envisioned. Continue reading

Jungle Book Cot Sheet



During my lengthy absence from this blog, I did get some sewing done.  This cot sheet is a fun little project.  It can be plain or fancy, utilitarian or heavily embroidered as is this one.

First, I have to be up front with you all–my name is Janice and  I am a textile snob.  My linen closet has nothing but pima cotton sheets.  My master, guest and children’s beds have always been made up with silky pima cotton.

Many years ago, there was a brief and almost sleepless few days when my 8 yo son slept on stiff and scratchy Garfield sheets.  They were a gift for which he had begged his grandmother.  After a week, he wanted his old sheets back.  “They just don’t feel good, Mama.”  From the mouths of babes–raised on pima.

Before she even moved into her freshman dorm at University of Florida, my daughter begged me to custom make two sets of pima cotton sheets for the odd sized mattress.  She was like the Princess and the Pea.  “Mama, I won’t be able to sleep on anything else!”

So what does this have to do with Disney’s Jungle Book themed cot sheet shown above? Continue reading

Sweet Dreams, Baby Girl

While spending the past weekend with our daughter and her family, we celebrated her birthday and her husband’s.  After running across this post, I decided to put it up again.  Daughters are wonderful!! (But so are sons.)


pc shams vert

Monogram is Dazzle from OESD. Tthe floral design is from Brother’s Holiday Card #77. This is a beautiful collection, with a pretty companion design for this one.


With a teary eye for the quick passage of time and a proud heart for the woman she has become, I celebrated my daughter’s birthday by making this pair of pillowcases for her.  With these and the wonderful life she has made for herself,  I expect she will have sweet dreams.



The monogram is  Dazzle   from OESD.  It’s certainly convenient that she and her husband have the same initials.The floral design is from   Brother’s Holiday Card #77. This is a beautiful collection, with a pretty companion design for this one.


Luxurious bed linens have always been a priority for my girl.  As a freshman moving into a dorm at University of Florida, she asked me to custom make pima cotton sheets for the non-standard dorm bed, and, of course, matching pillowcases.    She confided that she was a bit like storybook character in the Princess and the Pea.  How could she get a decent night’s sleep on anything but pima cotton?  Oh dear, I thought.  Have I raised a “pima” donna?   But of course, two sets of fitted pima sheets were packed.


Sending off our French foregin exchange student days before Rebecca (in red) headed to University of Florida.

At  the airport, sending Claire, our French foreign exchange student,  home to France.  This was just a few days before Rebecca (in red) headed to University of Florida—along with her mama-made pima cotton bedding.


From the dormitory to the sorority house to her first college-girl apartment to her first little bachelorette house and now in her lovely marital home, she has always had pima cotton bedding. Continue reading

“Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” & the Good Times I’ve Had

Dear Friends and Readers, once again I am back.   My absence is well expressed by Sam Cooke who seems to know my pain.  Nobody knows the computer trouble I’ve seen!

YouTube Preview Image

For the past several weeks, my computer has been crazy, only occasionally and unpredictably usable.  I felt mute.  On my i-phone and Kindle, my fingers just bumble around the tiny keyboards and I grow frustrated very quickly.  I NEED my pc.

After running every virus checker, malware and spyware program known to the high-tech internet world, my fabulous tech savvy husband wiped the hard drive clean and reinstalled every single program.  And at last, it seems that all is well.

But amidst all this aggravation, we’ve had some really good times and I’ve done some sewing.  For a very special bridal shower I embroidered 46 dishtowels for guest favors.  I’ve known the groom-to-be since before he was born and this 35 yo fella has always had a special place in my heart.   So now that he has found the love of his life, the wedding is a major event for us. Continue reading