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Jo’s Family Easter

Jo's family in their Easter finery. Every one (except Jo!!!!) is wearing one of her creations.

Jo’s beautiful family in their Easter finery. Every one (except Jo, unless she made the lavender sweater) is wearing one of her creations.

I just love seeing what you all have sewn up for holidays–or everydays!  So it really pleased me to see photos of Jo’s family all decked out in the Easter garments she made.   They are all color coordinated in lavender and yellow, with a paisley print used on several outfits.  Living in the cold, cold north, Jo chose corduroy for the little ones in the family.

As so often happens, in the midst of her rush to finish up, there were complications.  Most of the family came down with a terrible virus requiring huge amounts of laundry, at the exact time that her dryer died.  So while she tended to the sick, she was running back and forth to the home of a good neighbor whose dryer was put at Jo’s disposal.  All the while for those several days, Jo awaited delivery of her own new laundry appliance.


In spite of these roadblocks, she finished everything up–dresses for the girls, a smocked Children’s Corner Johnny for little Gideon and ties for the big boys and her husband. Continue reading

Roger’s Gator Shirt

You’ve heard it before—our family loves the Florida Gators. Bbut that doesn’t make us unique in this state, or any state for that matter.  The Gator Nation is huge.  Every time the subject of college sports comes up, more Gators make themselves known.

This was the case when I went to out-patient therapy for my first knee replacement  two years ago.  My wonderful therapist, Roger, not only loves the Gators but was himself a lineman on the team during his years in Gainesville.  He attends every home game, as good a fan as he is therapist.

He’s a big, tall guy, size 3XL, a size unavailable in much of the Gator Gear line.  So I was pleased to be able to embroider a shirt for him, in his size.  Continue reading

New Daddy Shirt


When a new grandchild is on the way, a lot of sewing goes on for the baby, the nursery and often the mother-to-be. But rarely are we  moved or inspired to make anything for the new father.

When my son was to become a father for the first time, I found inspiration in the waiting room on the hospital maternity floor. Laurel was not born until our third visit there,  so I had plenty of  time to make observations. Continue reading