Wedding Cruise Hats

For the 50+ out of town guests for our daughter’s wedding, we planned a Saturday afternoon cruise down the St.Johns River.

In our area, the wedding pre-ceremony activity is most often a guest golf tournament, usually for the men, with balls or some other minor golf equipment for favors.

Our out-of-town  guests ranged from the groom’s 85 year old grandmother to young mothers with 6 month old babies.  We wanted something they all could enjoy before the 6 p.m. wedding ceremony.

A chartered riverboat cruise down the scenic St.Johns River seemed to fill the bill.  As a souvenir of the event, everyone received a baseball cap or golf style hat embroidered with basic  details of the celebration.

The wedding was scheduled for mid October.  By August, all the plain golf and baseball caps were marked down to $1 each.  So with 60 hats purchased and less than 8 weeks until the wedding, I began embroidering them right away.  I had to spend a little time working out the two designs, as the different hat styles required designs in different configurations.  The golf hat design was horizontal but the baseball caps had to have text above and below the circular scene.

Once I had addressed the design issue, the embroidery went smoothly.

As I was scrolling through my list of close friends and relatives to determine  who should  officiate as hostess for the event, Rebecca insisted that she and Harvey would serve in that capacity.  She said that she planned to be married just once and did not want to miss out on any of the festivities.    The bride and her matron of honor had their hair done in the morning and that afternoon the entire wedding party and other guests were riverboat bound, with hats for all the guests.  They loaded the boat with  coolers of cold drinks and baskets of snacks.

The hats and the cruise were both big hits, generating a lot of comments from guests.  Everyone, including the bridal party, had a great time and arrived back at our home in time to dress for the wedding ceremony.

Have you sewn or embroidered favors for weddings or other events?  I’d love to hear about them.

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