Mickey Mouse Outfit

Our son took his family to DisneyWorld on Mother’s Day to celebrate Laurel’s 6th birthday. Her princess shirt was shown in a previous post and, as expected, our little Disney Princess fan loved it.

Laurel’s shirt with added jewels and French knots

Robert’s tee shirt features a 5×7 Mickey from the Big Magic card. The added grass is from Fil Tire’ and Fancywork Elements, a collection done by Suzanne Sawko and me. I use this grass very frequently. Somehow, to my eye, it just doesn’t seem right to have a figure floating on a shirt, walking on air. So I often add the grass as a foothold.

from Brother’s Big Magic Disney card

Also added to the plain white tee shirt is a black cross stitch border along the sleeve hems. I looked at all the decorative stitches on my machine and chose this one, knowing that the pattern likely not match up when I reached the underarm. But it wouldn’t show.

built in design on Brother ULT2003D

After completing the stitching and preparing to move on to the neckline, I realized that in this area there is no place to cover a mismatched pattern. So I left the neckline plain, though were I to do it over, I would have chosen something like a jeans stitch that could connect neatly.

On his black knit shorts, a small Mickey silhouette is embroidered on the leg. This is a built-in design on the ULT2003.

For the photo, I hung his outfit on the Confederate jasmine that has climbed almost 25′ up a Sabal palm in the yard.  There are a million reasons we love living in the South, but the the Confederate and nightblooming jasmines would be reason enough.  We love the heavenly scent and so do the bees.  A bevy of bees rushed out of the jasmine in a buzzing flurry.  Moments after the disturbance, they resumed their work.

Robert was so pleased with his outfit. At DisneyWorld, his parents asked the children if they would like to go to Splash Mountain. Robert, usually enthusiastic about such wild adventures, was reluctant. His mother asked him if he might be a little afraid. He said, “No, but I don’t want to get my best new outfit wet.”

Awwww…….wouldn’t  that just melt any sewing Nana’s heart?

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