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NOTE: I promised that my spa wrap tutorial would be posted today, but it will probably be later this evening.  I’m half way through it all, but had to halt. So sorry, but real life has a way of cutting into my sewing life time.

I think it is really important that basic facilities be clearly marked. At the end of this post is the story of an unfortunate incident that took place at the Asheville (NC) airport some years ago. Well placed signage would have prevented this embarassing occurence. But I digress……

After some remodeling at our church, the ladies bathroom was further removed from the Fellowship Hall.  In order to make it easier for visitors and newcomers to find their way, this note was posted inside the hall that led to the bathroom.

Now, I’m not a gal with time on her hands, not someone looking to fill up the lonely hours of my day with whatever sewing project I can wheedle into the sewing room.  But it seemed to me that we needed a more substantial sign than this paper note.

So I embroidered the sign above.  I thought the thread colors should be somewhat subdued and conservative. Actually, I embroidered two because there is a turn in the hall with a second directional paper note.

The floral corner design is from Martha Pullen’s Zundt 1 collection.  Monogram Wizard Plus provided the Curly Q font that spelled out Ladies and also provided the basic shapes for the arrow.

My Ladies signs aren’t rocket science and they won’t make the world a better place or delight a child.  But I think they are more pleasing to the eye and much more durable than those posted now.

I am also reminded that my fancy workhorse Brother Quattro can be put to use for practical purposes in addition to making elegant children’s clothing and home dec items.

Now, why do I think signage is so important?  Well, let me tell you.  I was teaching in Maggie Valley, NC, at one of Mildred Turner’s fabulous, always-sold-out Sewing in the Mountains schools.  The day before classes began, I was assigned to pick up another teacher at the Asheville airport, about an hour away.   I left late, got lost and was worried that I would arrive after the flight landed.  So I did some unconscionable speeding.

As I rushed, breathless, into the completely empty lobby, I saw that I had 6 minutes to spare!  Yippee! Time for a bathroom break!  At every ticket station was an agent who looked up as I rushed in.  I stood tall (as tall as a 5′-1/2″ lady can), took a deep breath and calmly walked into the bathroom  directly across from the first bank of ticket counters.

As I walked in, I gasped at a man, standing up, putting his equipment back in his pants.  I was outraged and announced, “You are in the wrong bathroom!”

He calmly finished his business and smiled, saying, “I don’t think so.”  Then I noticed the urinal.

As I rushed out, every agent was staring at me, grinning from ear to ear.  I ducked into the POORLY MARKED!!!  ladies room a little further down the lobby and stayed there until I heard the rush of arriving passengers.  Only then did I sneak out of the bathroom, unnoticed by the agents.

As it turned out, I was late picking up the other teacher.  But I didn’t care.

11 responses to “Ladies Room

  1. You crack me up… I can just see you running into the wrong room… man, I bet you made the whole school laugh with the retelling! Who were you picking up???
    Love the spa towels and AG spa towels!

  2. Janice, I am sitting here doing a belly laugh—when my youngest son declared that he would go to the men’s restroom by himself at 5 years of age!! I would stand by the men’s room and even opened the door and see if he was OK—I know he was horrified and I got some strange looks from men coming out but I was worried about him being in there alone, LOL . I love your stories.

  3. You can always make me laugh and smile! Her stories are even funnier if you are involved in them. Here’s my question, did you also lose the car at the airport or is that reserved only for the Charlotte airport? haha

  4. Love your sign. My sister did a similar thing…in a panic for the ladies’ room at a Sam’s Club. She was mortified. She came out and said, “did you see what I just did?”. The bathrooms doorways are side by side and could easily be mistaken if one is in a hurry. Makes me look twice.

  5. I was picking up Terri Johnson. That little walk on the wild side did get retold at the school, but most often by Terri! It got even worse. I was so flustered that when we left the airport, I took an immediate wrong turn and ended up in Black Mountain, about an hour east of Asheville. Maggie Valley is more than an hour WEST of Asheville. We were so busy talking that neither of us noticed that the sunset was at our back. I thought that airport run would never end.

  6. Oh, Betty! you don’t often see women lurking outside a men’s room. I bet you got lots of questioning looks and a few muttered comments.

  7. You need to get my airport peccadilloes sorted out. I use the men’s room in Asheville, lose cars ONLY in Charlotte, get busted for embroidery scissors in my purse in Knoxville (twice for the same flight), swap my luggage for the Arkansas Lt. Gov. in Little Rock, get stuck in the elevator for 8 minutes because I was chatting with the ladies and forgot to push the button in Huntsville, and…well there’s more, but to answer your question, I only lose cars in Charlotte.

  8. Thanks for the compliment, Beckie. I sympathize with your sister. But my advice, and hers I am sure, is to ALWAYS look twice!

  9. Jackie Smith

    I did that once in Texas. We were on the road and stopped at a convenience store. I was dying to go soI ran inside to what I thought was the Ladies room and saw the backside of a man standing at a urinal. I ran out so fast I know I was just a blur. I made my husband drive several miles before I could face getting out of the car. He laughed so hard I was afraid we would wreck the car. I thought I was the only person who did things like this. LOL

  10. Somehow embarrassment trumped your urgency! What a hoot! From the comments I’ve received, the “wrong door” syndrome is fairly common.

  11. maureen mcgraw

    Thanks for providing a good belly laugh and the great tutorial.

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