Halloween already?

Mickey pumpkin tabletopper outside


As I’m sure you have noticed, the stores have been jam packed with Halloween costumes, decorations and jack ‘o lanterns for a month now.  With all that pumpkin exposure, I couldn’t help but get in the mood to make something to celebrate the season.

I’ve always found that the orange and black signature color scheme just too grim.  But with the addition of purple, the entire Halloween mood is lifted, at least for me.

And my goodness, the fabrics!!!!  In addition to the adorable prints, the currently very popular burlap is available in a rainbow of colors, printed with text, and to my delight, with orange polka dots.  Now that was something I could work with.

So work with it I did.  This fun tabletopper has threads withdrawn so that the purple 1/8″ ribbon could be woven through the channel.

The embroderies are both from Ibroidery.com  I’ve already used Mickey’s Trick or Treat design on two other projects which will be posted soon.  I’m really feeling the call of the Great Pumpkin.


Mickey close


Minnie Mouse on  broom is embroidered on the opposite corner of this tabletopper as well as on a trick or treat bag.


Minnie close


Both embroideries were stitched on felt and then attached to a circle of cute bat fabric.

A bow of the removed burlap strands was tied at each of the other  two corners.


corner tie


Did you know that in the USA Halloween is the most celebrated secular holiday?  There is still plenty of time to stitch some All Hallows Eve fun.  Have you made any costumes or decorations?  Can you hear the Great Pumpkin calling you?



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