“It’s done! She’s ours!”

the happy family


That was the text that brought me to tears.  Newly adopted Baby Beatrice, who was expected to be delivered at 30 weeks,  was born at 38 weeks weighing a whopping 6 lbs. 14 oz!  My prayer that she would never need either of the the preemie isolette shirts I made was answered  The sweet blue ribbon shirt and  the gingham duckling shirt (thanks again for the design, Lisa) were donated to the NICU at the hospital where she as born.

There were many twists and turns which made the success of the adoption very iffy.  Only the grace of God and a multitude of prayers saw this to completion just late this afternoon.    From North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Washington, New Hampshire, Alabama, Texas, Arizona, of course, Florida, and many other states as well as New Zealand, prayers were lifted that this baby would be delivered into the loving arms of her parents.  Now Beatrice has made her family complete.



We are all grateful beyond words.  And now……I have another baby to sew for!  Thanks be to God!  And thanks to all the dedicated, devout prayer warriors who stormed heaven with their supplications.

New picture, just in today, Beatrice 1 week old.

Beatrice project #1 will be posted soon.



2 responses to ““It’s done! She’s ours!”

  1. Rheeta Booth

    God hears and answers prayer as we well know. Now, back to sewing for Baby Bea!!

  2. And now they are home, developing a new-baby-in-the-house routine. They are exhausted but loving it. We are soooo grateful!

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