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Princess of Quite a Lot

In my experience, Mary Engelbreit machine embroidery designs (from Bernina) are very versatile. They are cute, for sure, but they are also amenable to a bit of a twist. I have used several designs and have always been pleased with the results.

ME’s Princess of Quite a Lotdesign was used on a laundry bag for a sweet coed, given as a going away momento as she left for college. A lovely clothes horse, she was well known for donning a fresh outfit several times a day. The university setting offered even more opportunities for wardrobe changes. Continue reading

Book Bag


Some projects just seem doomed from the get-go.  This book bag for my homeschooled granddaughter is one of those.  It was cut out 8 weeks ago and has been pushed to the bottom of my to-do list again and again, because something else was more urgently needed or there was a problem with the bag that stopped me in my tracks. So I am happy just to have it completed finally.

Nana School book bag


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