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Vintage Rick Rack Lace and Free Patterns

1-rick rack pillow

The pillow is red silk dupioni trimmed with vintage rick rack lace and antique buttons. The center panel with monogram was stitched on an antique linen damask napkin.

I’ve always been enchanted by old textiles, laces in particular.Rick rack lace is one of the most unique and intriguing in my collection.

RickRackLace blue

It sounds so tacky! Certainly it can be and undoubtedly some good-taste challenged lady in the 40’s or 50’s created some unattractive yardage using this technique.But it can be so charming, if not delicate.

RickRackLace green

Rick rack lace seems to have been very popular for towel and pillowcase edgings.In fact, I have a length of it in red and white that was obviously used on a pillow slip. The sturdiness of this trim makes it very suitable for heavily laundered items.

RickRackLace yellow

This white length is my favorite. I would love to have enough to edge a baby blanket, but instead will have to settle on using it for trim on doll dresses for granddaughter Laurel’s American Girl Molly. She was a miss of the 40’s so her time frame is appropriate for its use. I envision it around the raised waist of a velveteen dress. The texture contrast would be very pleasing, I think.

RickRackLace white crop

This 1952 needlework book includes several patterns/directions for making rick rack lace.

RickRack Lace booklet

While the photo showing styles is certainly representative of the popular color waves of that time, the lace is very intricate and would be beautiful, I think, in neutrals or pastels.

rickrack lace book pics

If I could really crochet, I’d try making some lengths of one or two patterns. I wish one of you readers would make some and let us know how it goes.

UPDATE: I found this site with wonderful pictures of rick rack lace.Check it out.

Here are the directions. If you are unsuccessful in copying the image, post a comment requesting me to e-mail it to you.

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RickRack Lace dir1