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More details about the quilt are posted here.


When my daughter and son-in-law got the good news that they were to be first time parents, they requested a Harry Potter nursery.  I was at a loss. How was I to make this look soft enough for a baby and yet maintain the requested theme?  I like heirloom style and soft colors.  Harry Potter is neither.

With all the visual fodder in the lengthy 7 book series, it was necessary to narrow the focus.

Keeping in mind that Rebecca specifically requested bright colors, I went to the drawing board.  I like to start a nursery decoration plan with a quilt.  That establishes the color scheme and allows many spin offs and opportunities for accessories.

After deciding on “fantastic creatures” I set to work, looking for designs that could be edited and customized to meet the description of critters from unicorns and fairies (the easy ones) to a thesteral, Pygmy Puff and snidget.




Can you Harry Potter fans identify the “fantastic creatures” shown in the quilt?  Maybe later I will list them.




Rebecca suggested the random angle pieced border, suggestive, she thought, of the Weasleys’ home.

When the quilt was finished, I moved on to bumper pads.  That was a lot of fun and it’s a good thing! These bumper pads were a lot more work than I could justify for the single purpose of keeping our little darling from bumping his head or sliding between the crib rails.  For the 5-6 months that they are used, a lot of time was invested.

Besides, weighing in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. Alastair was unlikely to slip through the rails.  So it’s a good thing that I enjoyed the process.




The headboard pad shows the Hogwarts, the Whomping Willow and an ultrasuede walkway, free motion stippled to look like a stone path.


Forbidden Forest..who’s getting the Howler? Baby Alastair, The Howler?


One side of the crib featured the Hogwarts Express, chugging through the forest.


I forgot the engine was red. Oh well.

I forgot the engine was red. Oh well.


The train is from a great collection from Embroidery Library.  It includes all the cars, crossing gates, a water tower, the station and more.




Sorting through all my miniature designs, I selected those which might be found in the forest–deer, rabbits, butterflies, a bird’s nest–as well as a church and an angel. Several regular size designs like a unicorn and dragon were resized to fit into the scene.




When Rebecca and I came upon the forest fabric at Rainbow’s End Quilt Shop on Florida’s Gulf coast, we knew it was a great find.  This print was available in quilting cotton as well as flannel.  We bought both.

The footboard shows Hagrid’s cabin, complete with his pink umbrella, the pumpkin patch and Fang.



Hagrid’s Cabin


These photos were all taken with the pads in the crib.  It was impossible to get a straight-on shot of the embroidery.


nursery wall



The queen sized bed is reserved for visiting grandparents. After this photo was taken, the pad on the cedar chest was recovered with forest fabric.



As I told Rebecca when we began designing the nursery, it’s all for the parents.  They need something to make them smile when baby awakes for a feeding once or more every night.  This nursery makes Rebecca and Harvey grin. And that makes this Nana happy.

6 responses to “Harry Potter Nursery

  1. Mary Groesbeck

    This is AMAZING! Are the machine embroidery designs available online?
    My daughter would LOVE to have room similar to this.

  2. The designs were taken from various collections, from Fairies by Sue Box (unicorn and elf), Mary Engelbriet’s At Home (easy chair with Pygmy Puff which was part of a fringed flower), Knights and Castles by Amazing Designs (castle). Many were edited to fit the theme, others were used as is. If you want more particulars, I would be happy to share the sources with you. My greatest challenge and find was the Ford Anglia. I went to enormous lengths to find an image of the exact car used in the movie, began digitizing it, then just tripped over the “Living Cars” free download collection at Buzztools.com. Another challenge was finding tiny designs for the Forbidden Forest on the bumper pads. I bought several mini collections and had a friend reduce other designs in her Designers Gallery. The train was purchased from Embroidery Library.
    One great bonus of this project is that Alastair has no inclination to step on the bumper pads to try to climb out of his crib. At 19 months, the pads are still in place and in perfect condition. What a good boy!
    Let me know if you want any more specifics. You would really enjoy decorating with this theme. I wish I had shown a picture of the Hedwig lamp that is perched on a fern stand in one corner.

  3. This is absolutely stunning! I can’t get over it! I’m designing a Harry Potter themed nursery for something to put in my hope chest. I’ve been looking all over the place for ideas!

  4. Stephanie, I envy you as you begin this undertaking! It was so much fun to do that I wouldn’t mind doing it again. But you are right that there is a real dearth of Potter themed nursery info on the net. I looked all over. You will have to be creative about tweaking existing embroidery designs and quilt patterns to fit the theme. Keep me posted on how you come along with this! Thanks for reading my blog.

  5. Hi Janice!

    I found out just recently that I’m pregnant and there is nothing that would make me happier than having a Harry Potter themed nursery, whether it be a bot or a girl! I absolutely love the designs you have here and I’d love info on how you made all this! I’m not exactly very good with a needle but I’m sure I could figure it out 🙂 Please let me know where you got these great things, it would make me so happy!! Thanks!

  6. Congratulations, Diana! There is nothing more exciting than news that another precious, well-loved baby is coming into the world. I am so happy for you. The Harry Potter nursery was such fun to do. Because the room is small, the stitched HP-themed items were pretty much just the quilt, bumper pads, bench cushion and change table cover. Just what items do you have questions about? I could go into more detail than you will want to know, so give me some specific questions. I will be happy to share any techniques or tips with you. What joy you have coming your way!

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