Brother-Sister Smocked Frogs Outfits



Brother-Sister Pals


Frankly, it looks like Laurel is enjoying this sibling hug more than her brother.  But they did look so cute in their matching smocked frog outfits.  Both garments are “ready-to-smock” in blue microcheck polyblend fabric, the smocking is two different frog plates.

Robert’s insert, probably 45″ pleated up, had plenty of pleats to make cute, crisp little frogs from the Cross Eyed Cricket Frog Pond  plate.  But when I tried to smock just one at the center front of Laurel’s dress, it looked like Jabba the Hut and would have scared any children in the area.

Many picture smocking designs cannot be worked on a bishop and believe me, I tried.  I regraphed it, reducing the width and increasing the height.  Smocked and regraphed twice, but to no avail.  So I chose a different Crosseyed Cricket plate, Tadpole Lesson and extracted one small frog from the scene and used it on the bishop.  The water lily is just free form bullion knots.

The children do seem to enjoy matching.  Well, actually, Laurel seems to enjoy it.  Robert doesn’t care one bit.

I wish I had feather stitched his collar and cuffs in green.  But I was out of time.  Maybe later.

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