Maid Service

A welcome gift for any hausfrau, this little message is guaranteed to make the reader smile.  It is an assertive yet gentle reminder to all members of the household.  It sells well at bazaars and is a popular addition to a wedding or shower gift. One hangs prominently in my kitchen. A deliberate finger pointed in the general direction of the frame makes clear my answer to untoward requests.

The design itself is part of a collection that Suzanne Sawko and I did called Fil tire’ and Fancywork: Frames and Phrases. With any software, the text can be written in the font of your choice and surrounded by flowers or another decorative border.

The flexihoop frame  looks like wood but it is actually a stretchy rubbery ring that pops over a hoop. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy any more. Fortunately, I laid in a supply when they were more readily available.  But an inexpensive wooden embroidery hoop works just as well.

This is also a nice introductory project for machine embroidery for children as well as adults. My 5 ½ year old granddaughter will begin machine sewing next week and embriodery will be a satisfying and easy component.

Sewing on the button will be her introduction to handsewing.  I plan for her to make a few of these for Christmas gifts for her mother, aunts and grandmother.  If I weren’t homeschooling her, I’d have her make one for her teacher.

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