Embroidered Greetings

In this electronic age of e-mail, beepers and cell phones, very few hand-addressed envelopes make their way to the red-flagged mailbox at the end of the driveway. An electronic message simply cannot generate the warm feelings awarded by an old fashioned handwritten letter.

A personal note can be taken to a higher plane with machine embroidery. For milestone birthdays, weddings or other special occasions, the embroidery machine can stitch special affection and meaning into greeting cards.

Add her favorite flower to your aunt’s birthday greeting. For a new baby, include the name and birthday so the card can be framed as a keepsake. For special a special thank you note, stitch an heirloom basket of flowers.

A small set of embroidered note cards make a unique gift for favorite grannies, sisters or far away friends. Since there are designs available on virtually any topic, the cards can reflect the interest of the recipient. There are even embroidery collections designed specifically for note and greeting cards, shaped to fit the cut-outs on commercially available trifold car stock.

To stitch the embroidery, simply hoop fabric with lightweight batting and embroider the chosen design. Often, I use scraps of silk dupioni or batiste.  With batiste in particular, a background stippling patern emphasizes the texture.

Cut the embroidered piece slightly smaller than the card stock and attach with double sided tape.

I find it hard to shop for greeting cards. They never say what I want to say, they are expensive, and usually I need the card NOW, for a shower tomorrow or for a sick friend. When I am in a rush, there is little or no time to shop and then mail the card.

Considering the time it takes to sort through all the unsuitable cards at the greeting card aisle, not to mention the time for a special trip, I can custom make just what I want.

2 responses to “Embroidered Greetings

  1. I really like this idea – I know I would keep a card like this on display for years if I received one. What a loving way to say hello from afar! I’m curious though, how long does something like this take? I wonder if it is a very practical idea if it takes all afternoon.

    Some of the ladies at my work are crazy for stamping, making custom cards for friends and family. I cannot help but wonder if they would consider changing their medium if they knew what possibilities were in store for them if they dove into machine embroidery.

  2. The amount of time required to complete a card depends on the selected embroidery design. It takes just a minute or two to cut the embroidery to fit the tri-fold cut out card and attach it with double sided scotch tape. To the embroidery and assembly time just add the minutes required to select thread colors, pull out scraps of fabric and batting. With an average design, it would take no more than 30 minutes.
    I’m sure your scrapbooking co-workers would be surprised at how much machine embroidery would add to their creations. In fact, there are several design collections specifically for scrapbooking, so apparently there is already some cross over between the two activities.

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