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It’s very rewarding to face a design challenge and come away satisfied. I had almost completed three matching Thanksgiving outfits for my grandchildren using this brown plaid Viyella.  They were to be worn at a huge gathering of extended family.

Then my son’s plans changed. He and his family, including two of the three grandchildren, would not be joining us for dinner. Even  though I knew this was far short of a disaster, I was, nonetheless, disappointed. As mentioned in the previous post, since I had lemons I would make lemonade.

Our daughter’s family would be there with 8 month old Alastair. He, at least, would be decked out in his brown plaid Jon-Jon and button-on turkey bib. But his cousin Robert’s matching set and cousin Laurel’s dress needed another purpose for another day.

While brown plaid is not exactly a Christmas standard, I decided to try to make it work. It was a real stretch but I am pleased with the results. All that is needed now is to make a new bib for Robert and to finish Laurel’s Children’s Corner Patty. This classic pleated dress also has a button-on bib.

I still plan to finish the Christmas outfits I had planned. But for now, I am happy to know that the beautiful Viyella plaid will be worn to some of the many holiday festivities.



The embroidery design for Alastair’s bib is from Bernina’s Current Critters Continued collection. The critters are perfectly charming and the colors of their fur made it possible to take brown plaid into the Christmas season.

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