Pilgrim Bears

Today, great progress was made on the three matching Thanksgiving outfits for my grandchildren. Both boys’ suits are pressed and hanging up, ready to wear. Just as I was cutting out Laurel’s dress, we got the bad news that our son and his family will not be joining us on Thursday. Charter pilots can never count on being home for holidays. That put an end to my big plans for a group photo of the three cousins.

Still, this is hardly a tragedy in the big scheme of things. Optimism is an integral part of my make up so I decided to take the lemons and make lemonade. Laurel’s will be made up soon but without the rush and then the three coordinated outfits can be round one of their Christmas clothes.

Certainly, this is a challenge. Finding designs and bib fabric that will transform that lovely brown plaid into a festive Christmas ensemble will be tricky. But I think using Bernina’s Current Critters Continued collection, one of my all time favorites, just might pull it all together.

With a degree in environmental science, Robert and Laurel’s mother is an avid naturalist and licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She will certainly enjoy the designs. The forest critters can bring in the browns and tans to coordinate with the plaid and there will be red bows and evergreens. I think–I hope–it will work. If not, I’ll know soon enough to pull out something more traditional.

FYI, the embroidery design on Robert’s bib is another from the Sew Many Designs We Give Thanks collection. I should be giving thanks that the rush is off.

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