Minimum Daily Requirement

Mine used to be 20 minutes of sewing or smocking. Given that, my mental health was good, my flower beds were weeded pretty regularly, the laundry was done in a timely manner and I cooked dinner at least three times a week. Don’t roll your eyes. I never claimed to be a domestic goddess.

But here of late, with three adorable grandchildren to enjoy, some Christmas decorations to put away, plants to protect from the freeze, Laurel to homeschool and a daily blog to write, my MDR is not being met. It has been nearly a week since I’ve been in my sewing room to do anything but iron a shirt to wear to a funeral.

Like the sun starved orchids, closed up in Bob’s heated workshopfor more than a week, I have been reaching for the sun in my sewing room. Today, I calmed my needlework craving with this pitiful little dishtowel. It’s not much, but it kept me in sewing heaven for nearly an hour, selecting fabric, design and thread, then stitching it out.

The details are unimportant, but to maintain my blog format I will include them. The embroidery design is from Amazing Designs Fruit and Birds collection. A friend was given one of my washaway tangerine towel bags whose design was from this same design set. She recently hinted that she would like a lemon towel to go with it, so that was my justification for snatching some sewing time from my busy day.

The linen toweling was purchased several years ago from JoAnn’s. It was sold by the yard and was available in with several colored stripe variations. I was disappointed to find that the huge store in our area does not have it and now carries only huck toweling. Does anyone know of a source for this fabric?

What is your minimum daily, weekly or monthly minimum requirement for sewing time? What is the first thing you do when you finally return to needle and thread?

I cannot count my day complete    Til needle, thread and fabric meet.    Author Unknown

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