Good Ship CN05199



What a great time I had collaborating on this project with my dear friend, Suzanne Sawko! The little boat tote and its crew were designed and stitched for an article we did for Creative Needle magazine.  With dolls as toys for quiet entertainment, the bag is actually a child’s purse.

When almost no one was doing in-the-hoop projects (machine embroidery hoop, that is), Suzanne was off and running. She designed and stitched the 7″ dolls as well as their clothes, all done in the 5 x 7 Brother hoop.





There is an incredible amount of detail in the garments. Under her dress, Cherry wears a white “combination” suit, panties and undershirt, embroidered with a tiny flower at the V-neck, as well as a white slip with a tiny Swiss edge. A blouse sporting a peter pan collar is worn under her jumper with faux smocking and even a slip with a tiny Swiss edge. Of course, she wears Mary Janes.

Will’s sailor suit is ready for Naval inspection, all done in the hoop. White fabric was striped with straight stitches. Both the sleeves and legs have a cuff of contrasting fabric.  Only his red sailor bow requires handwork.  The body of the boat tote was constructed of fabric striped with straight stitches, just like the sailor suit. The good ship CN05199 rocks on a wavy sea, teeming with sea life. One detail that is not shown is a free standing embroidered fish, dangling from monofilament thread. It appears as if the fish is jumping the waves.

A portion of the Creative Needletext reads as follows: “Tickle a child’s fancy with the Good Ship CN05199 and her cheeky crew of two…..Any child will be amused by the school of multicolored fish, one of which is suspended by monofilament thread, poised forever leaping from its water world. From the seaweed to moveable brass star, tiny details will hold a child’s interest long enough to get through a lengthy check-out line or a short sermon.”



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