Easter Slip 2010

The underdress/slip for Laurel’s Easter dress is finished,  except  for sewing on the buttons.  After cutting out a size 6 and realizing that it was too large, I altered it considerably.  But it still looks huge to me. It may require a tuck under the arm at the side seam.

I decided against using the fagoted lace edging on the slip.  The sleeves will be butterfly style, open down the center with lace on either edge.  With that peekabook feature, the slip might make the sleeve look cluttered. So I’ve used a simple scalloped lace edging.

Simple as it is, this slip  took longer than I expected. There are so many steps to adding entredeux and lace to the neckline and armscyes.  First, one fabric edge of the entredeux had to be trimmed down to 1/4″, my preferred seam allowance, as well as what is allowed on this Sarah Howard Stone basic yoke slip.

Then comes stitching in the ditch of the entredeux, roll and whip the bodice and entredeux edges and then work the Scotch tape stitch to hold the tiny rolled seam away from the entredeux holes.

Trimming the other entredeux raw edge and joining the gathered lace was not a huge expenditure of time, but getting the skirt gathered and joined to the entredeux was.  That is a tedious job.  I really dislike dealing with gathers.

I’ve left the skirt unhemmed.  After completing the dress, I will probably take some growth tucks and hem it. Adding lace to the hemline would be nice, but if it is used for a sundress, I expect the lace would take a beating.  Laurel is a very active little girl.  But I don’t have to make that decision now, so I am moving on to the dress itself.

Homeschool will be in session for the next three days so I probably will get little or no sewing done.  But I will post any significant progress as it is completed.

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