Easter Dress 2010~More Progress

skirt fancyband

Laurel’s heirloom sewn Easter yoke dress is coming along.  She and her brother. Robert, spent  last night with us and what with all the activity, baths and preparations for today’s homeschool lessons, not much got done on the dress until this evening. 

unfinished butterfly sleeve

The butterfly sleeves are well underway.  I finished the skirt fancyband and plan to use a portion of that for the lace ruffle below the beading.  But time ran out before I could get the sleeves finished.  The skirts are 45″ front and back, so it takes 2 1/2 yds. of each piece of the 5 pieces of lace in the fancyband.  It takes a good while to starch and iron 13 yards of lace, not to mention the time to stitch them together. 

Dealing with the fagoted lace galoon was more than a little challenging.  I was once again grateful for the forgiving nature of lace as I pressed the gently rippled fancyband perfectly flat.

The skirts are cut, the placket is inserted and the sleeves are ready for the beading and lace trim.  Tomorrow’s goal is to pinstitch the fancyband into the skirt and finish the sleeves.  I am so enjoying this project.

As part of today’s lesson, Robert did some woodworking with Bob, aka Granddad, in his shop.  They were to finish the little wooden helicopter today and Robert was so anxious.  After completing his reading assignment, he ran upstairs to Bob’s study, where he works at home, and asked he could go shopping with him.  Bob was puzzled initially, until Robert explained, “Shopping, Granddad–workshopping.”

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