Day Grandchildren’s Easter Duds


Update:  In discussion with Judy, I was reminded that Jackson’s shorts were actually made from a man’s shirt.  After searching high and low for fabric to coordinate with the mint green dresses, Judy finally found a very pricey shirt that would do.  She whacked that shirt up for shorts which had to be lined, due to the light weight of the shirting.

I’ve always said that heirloom sewing is very expensive, either in terms of time or money.  Judy paid both ways for these beautifully coordinated Easter outfits!  She says she just did what a grandmother had to do.************************

A few years ago, Judy Day made these three beautiful, coordinated outfits for her grandchildren.  The girl cousins are the same age and Big Brother Jackson is the oldest of the three.

The mint Imperial batiste bishop dresses seem to project the essence of Spring. Ribbons woven through the smocking add shimmer, making the dresses even more classically elegant.  Tucks add another special detail to the skirts.

The sleeves are trimmed with tatting made by Judy’s grandmother–that would be the girls’ great-great grandmother.  What a special treasure for these girls! 

Jackson’s outfit is so perfect for a 5 year old that I am copying it for Robert, who corrects me regularly with the reminder that he is actually “Faw an a haf.”  Judy made the shorts and cut bias from that fabric to trim the sleeves and collar on the ready-to-wear shirt.  That addition makes it an outfit rather than just a pair of shorts with a nice white shirt.  I can’t wait for pictures of what she has made for this Easter.

I’m plunking along with Laurel’s dress, but progress has been slow.  Almost two days have been spent on absolutely necessary gardening, which normally I love.  Because of the extra cold winter we have had here in central Florida, we’ve had to cut away all the brown, freeze damaged tops of shrubs and ferns, replace the hibiscus trees and white mandevilla vine, etc.  Then I had to plant annuals to replace the impatiens, geraniums, angelonia and coleus that have made it through at least 5 winters.   I didn’t want to stop sewing but who wants pictures of children hunting for eggs among the dead shrubbery?

I’m off to the sewing room to remove the sleeve trim which I sewed to the wrong side of the sleeves.  Both sleeves–gathered, stitched to entredeux, rolled and whipped, Scotch tape stitched down………to the wrong side.  I’ve made so many mistakes on this dress that I am embarrassed.  But I carry on with visions of my precious little granddaughter looking like an angel–at least until she eats her chocolate bunny.

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