Now this is a terrific modern project for an old fashioned Nana. Finding something to make for older boys is a real challenge, but these quick and easy, low maintenance pajamas are just the thing for any guys who no longer wear sleepers.  And that includes men.

Judy Day made this sleep set for her 8 year old grandson. His name is not Steven, but this was made to keep things even.  She loves heirloom sewing and smocking for his prissy little sister, but she always includes something special for Jackson. These were in his Easter package.


She simply purchased a pair of knit shorts and a tee shirt in colors to match the alma mater of Jackson’s maternal grandfather.  Since the boy already has more University of Tennessee Volunteers gear than most of the football team, he requested some Georgia Tech attire. I guess Judy didn’t want him going out in public in anything but UT duds.  Jackson loves them.

With our Robert now almost 5, I know it’s time for me to be looking ahead for masculine things to make. He, too, has a prissy sister and I don’t want him to feel slighted.  Of course, to his way of thinking, he’s got the better deal when he gets an embroidered Spiderman tee shirt and Laurel gets an heirloom sewn Swiss batiste dress. But the next time I make her a garment, I think he will get some Florida Gator pajamas, just to keep things even-steven.

Thanks for the inspiration, Judy!

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