Sunshine on My Shoulders



This spectacular sundress was made by my friend Judy for her granddaughter. The pattern, Sunshine on my Shoulders, is from Kari Mecca’s very popular book, Sewing with Whimsy. Judy, of course, varied the embellishments somewhat to suit her personal taste.

The little ladybug button, the pearls and beads she nestled into the rick rack flowers on the bodice as well as on those that hang from the rick rack bow, add to the charm of the rick rack flowers.




The pattern is unfamiliar to me, but whether or not it included an embellished back yoke, Judy’s trim and cluster of flowers make the dress almost as lovely from the rear as it is from the front.




One of the most interesting features of this dress is the embroidery machine made rick rack. Using the designs from, Judy made all the rick rack for the dress except for the white jumbo.

The beauty of making your own rick rack is that you can make it in any color. So often, I’ve gone to the store in search of a specific shade and come away empty handed. Equally often, the rick rack is available only in 2 ½ yard cuts in a package. That is a real handicap when edging a 45″ square receiving blanket or trimming anything that requires greater length.




She made 26 yards of green rick rack alone, on her Babylock Ellegante with the continuous border hoop. As it turned out, she didn’t need 26 yards for the dress, but she was enjoying the process so much that the yardage just flowed to that length before she measured it!

I love this dress and I love this machine made rick rack. Judy’s creation may thwart my de-stashing efforts.

5 responses to “Sunshine on My Shoulders

  1. Charming dress! I know what you mean about not finding the color rick rack you want at the store. I wish I had an embroidery machine!

  2. I have that book! It’s nice to see it stitched up and with Zippy’s rik rak! Now you make me feel as tho I can do it! Thank you!

  3. Hurrah, Jeri Lynn! It’s good to know that this article gave you some extra confidence. That rick rack from Zippy is so neat! And this dress is beyond beautiful. Judy did a fabulous job. Let me know if you make this up. I’d love to see your dress.

  4. This dress is beautiful..I have got to get this pattern and ric rac from Zippy I met Carolyn in Jonesboro,Ga. Saturday 7/14/12. She was a hoot! Very nice and funny.

  5. Judy Day did a fabulous job on this dress, just as she does with everything she makes. I’ve never met Carolyn, but it would be a delight to meet anyone as creative as she obviously is. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will stop by again.

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