Cinderella Fan


For Laurel’s 6th birthday, the family is going to DisneyWorld.  Like most post-toddler to pre-teen girls, she is fascinated by the Disney Princesses.  Her Cinderella panties are always the first to be selected when the fresh laundry is folded and put in her drawer.

I’ve always made matching outfits for Laurel and Robert to wear to DisneyWorld. They enjoy knowing that no one else in the world has an outfit just like theirs.

For each visit, Laurel wears her latest Minnie dress and Robert his newest Mickey Jon-Jon, the outfits coordinated in fabric and primary mouse colors, red, black and white. Just 15 months apart in age, they are nearly the same size and always draw admiring glances.

Laurel’s 4th birthday dress

But this time, Laurel will be in her favorite color, pink, wearing an embroidered Cinderella shirt and ready-to-wear skort. Summer is here and these knits will be comfortable in the 90 degree heat.

The embroidered design on Laurel’s shirt was further embellished with hot fix jewels and hand stitched French knots.

The design is from Brother’s Princess card.  Now that it is done, I wish I had stitched Princess straight across the yoke.  I’m a little worried that Cinderella will rest on Laurel’s tummy rather than on her chest.  I do have another blank shirt that I can re-do if  need be.    I think she will be pleased with the princess theme, especially after she helps me apply the hot fix gems to Cinderella’s earrings tomorrow.

Our family’s first visit to the Magic Kingdom was just a month after its grand opening in 1971, years before Ryan was born. Some of our fondest family memories have been made there and, having been blessed with grandchildren, continue to be made. The magic is always at DisneyWorld.  Or anywhere our grandchildren are.

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