Notification and RSS Feed Fixed

Thanks to my fabulous son-in-law, the RSS feed is now working.  If you would like to be notified when a new item is posted to the blog, please sign up. 

Also, my dear son is working on getting the store up and open for sales!  This blog has become a family wide venture! Hopefully, in the next 6 weeks or so,  it should be operational.  So please sign up for the RSS feed so you will know just what treasures I am finally willing to part with. 

In hopes of piquing your interest,  I will tell you that I have some out-of-print classic heirloom books and patterns, antique lace, Swiss handlooms and embroideries, antique needlework magazines, wonderful baby blanks (matching onesies, bibs, caps and bath towel sets), Irish linen blanks, miles of heirloom laces and tatting, silk photo transfers (some Jenny Haskins), antique buttons, quality domestic trims and more.  Please do check them out.  I need the space in my sewing room!

In two weeks I will be having total knee replacement, so the posts will be less frequent.  I’m in a frenzy, writing and photographing projects in anticipation of being out of pocket for approximately 3 weeks.    I am adding a new article no more than every other day in order to have enough material to post regularly through my recuperation.  My goal is to have a backlog ready so I can post them from my laptop while at the rehab facility. 

For the past two weeks, I’ve been extraordinarily tied up with my sweet 88 year old childless aunt, who has always treated me like her daughter.  I love it and love her, so she has been the focus of my attention during this time period.  Fortunately, this coincided with the grandchildren’s trip out of state for a family gathering.  So at least I didn’t have homeschool responsibilities to juggle. 

Aunt Aileen has been hospitalized twice in this time period, with only a day between stays.  Between visiting her, keeping up with dr. reports, trying to get the folks at her assisted living facility to address her needs, updating the rest of the family and all the classes and appointments for my upcoming knee surgery, my blog posts have been less frequent than I would like. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading my prattle and for your encouraging and interesting comments.  It means a great deal to me.

8 responses to “Notification and RSS Feed Fixed

  1. Hope your surgery goes well. I will keep you in my prayers. You are just buzzing around all of the time. I know it will be hard for you to take time off and take care of yourself. My hubby probably needs replacement or some type knee surgery but just can’t seem to find time for it. Take care and have one of your “helpers” update us when you have the surgery.

  2. Janice, I’ll be thinking about you……what is it about these old knees? Anyway, I’m just praying that all goes well with you and your surgery. Knowing how you plan ahead I’m sure the blogs will be perfect as always. I love reading them. I love you Janice. Take care and God Bless You always.

  3. God bless you and grace you with a speedy recovery! You will be in my prayers!

  4. You will be in my prayers also. I love reading your blog. You make such wonderful things! Speedy recovery, sweetie.

  5. Thanks for your concern and prayers, Sue. I had the other knee replaced two years ago and this time I will have the same dr., same hospital, same rehab, so I know what to expect. At first it hurts a lot, then a little less and in 2-3 weeks you are home limping a little. After that, it’s dancing and DisneyWorld! Tell Glenn that he needs to get this done ASAP! I’ll post a message after surgery, but I know it will go well. What are you sewing these days? Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. Dear, dear Mildred! My knee replacement will be a walk in the park compared to what you’ve been through these past few years. Let me know how you are and how those darling goats are faring. Who would have guessed that the Queen of Heirloom would retire to the top of a mountain to play with angora instead of lace? I really appreciate your prayers.

  7. Thank you, Karen, for your good wishes and your prayers. A good many were sent up when I had the first knee replaced. I think that’s why it went so well!
    Hugs to you,

  8. Thanks so much for your prayers for my surgery and kind words about my blog. I write it for many reasons–to document my projects, to vent, to express my feelings about sewing and projects, to hopefully encourage others to try new techniques. So if no one reads it, the blog is still useful. But it means so much to me to know that there are readers. That encourages me to continue. I so appreciation your prayers and readership. Thanks, Merry.

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