Harvey’s Penn Apron

My son-in-law, Harvey, is a fabulous cook.  He’s a marvel at the grill and an artist in the kitchen.  My daughter and grandson eat his gourmet meals at least 6 times a week.  Harvey cooks like we sew–with passion and lots of education.  He reads cook books like we read sewing magazines.

This apron was personalized for Harvey.  While he has jumped right on board with our family’s Florida Gator-mania, he is a graduate of   the University of Pennsylvania and feels a strong connection to his alma mater. 

The embriodery is a stock design.  By simply adding Harvey’s name to the chef’s hat, embroidering the clothing  in Penn colors and adding “Penn” text to the grill sergeant’s apron, this became a very personalized gift.

After receiving the apron, Harvey asked me to lengthen the waist ties to be tied in front.  Most men seem to prefer that so now I will do it on all male apron gifts.

It’s so hard to find an appropriate gift for this young man.  He is such a wonderful husband and father that I am justifiably crazy about him.  I would love to lavish him with sewn expressions of this affection.  But how many aprons can a young chef use?  I guess I need to think of something else for him.

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