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It seems that Haydee, one of my friends in Puerto Rico, has taken or taught another Bulto Baby bag class in San Juan (see earlier post (Bulto Baby).  Recently, she shared these pictures of three more spunky bags.  At least one of these, the BLAH BLAH BLAH bag on the left, appears to have been redesigned for use as a general purpose bag, rather than diaper tote.

How cute is this BLAH BLAH BLAH fabric??  (enlarge photo on left) It would make anyone smile.

The pattern for these bags is from Kati Cupcake Pattern Co.

The other two seem destined for baby gear.  The pattern for the smaller bag is included.  What a welcome gift this would be for a new mother!

The fabric choices are just delightful and so pleasingly coordinated.  Thanks for sharing these photos, Haydee!

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