Boys’ Christmas Outfits

Now that Laurel’s Christmas dress is finished, I am ready to begin  outfits for her brother, Robert, 5, and cousin Alastair, 20 months.  Black velveteen and embroidery designs from The Nutcracker are the common components that will coordinate these garments.

Robert was to have had black knickers but his mother wisely suggested otherwise.  It’s likely that none of the homeschooled boys  attending The Nutcracker matinee have even seen a pair of knickers, let alone worn them.   So I’ve changed the plan and Robert will wear black dress pants. 

His shirt, however, will be as planned–ivory linen with an embroidered nutcracker.  Black lace tape will run vertically along  either side of the embroidery and perhaps some  twin needle pintucks.  I’m not sure just how much width there will be to work with.  I do plan to make him some velveteen shorts for Christmas day.   That’s a photo op that I won’t miss! Now, if I can just keep him out of the tree house until picture time.

Alastair’s shirt will feature an embroidered Mouse King.  He drew the mouse because 1. he’s the little guy, though anything but mousey and 2.  he won’t be going to The Nutcracker.  It just didn’t seem right for Robert and Laurel to attend that classic holiday affair matched up as the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Mouse King.  Robert just had to have the nutcracker.

I’ve planned black velveteen button-on pants for Alastair, but instead may make  bubble pants like those in the Wright pattern from Children’s Corner.  First, however, Robert’s clothes must be completed. 

Sewing special outfits for boys always seems to  require adjustments, in style or fit.  Alastair wears bulky cloth diapers so his pants will likely require a size larger, or at least more width than a 2. Robert is very thin so the knickers would have been a fitting challenge. 

Last week when he spent the night, he forgot to pack his belt.  A  good part of the day was spent with him holding up his pants.  When they went outside for recess, Laurel came running in to report that Robert dropped his pants!  On purpose!  I knew otherwise but finally used rawhide cord to tie them up.  A quickie pair of shorts with an elastic band will stay up and fit for sure.

Now, the goods are all assembled, sample sew outs of the embroidery are done and preferred color changes noted.   It’s time to get started.

I’d really, really love to hear about Christmas sewing you all are doing.  Judy has reported in about her twin pink velveteen granddaughter dresses.  Inquiring minds want to know about what the rest of you are making.

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