Thanksgiving ’10

Alastair at home after dinner

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving day with our daughter and her husband’s family.  In addition to the tenderest pork roast this side of the Mason-Dixie line,  standard Thanksgiving fare was offered, including turkey and all the trimmings.

89 year-old Ruby again delighted but did not surprise us with her dee-vine Florida pear cobbler, chocolate pecan pie and blackberry cobbler.  Everything was delicious beyond words, except for the pumpkin cheese cake I made.  The gingersnap pecan crust was burned and I don’t know why.

But with a few of my ordinary but satisfactory pumpkin pies and Ruby’s contributions, there was no shortage of desserts.

In his turkey suit, Alastair, of course, stole the show from the roasted bird.  With his good looks and sweet nature, this little boy does not need cute clothing to win everyone’s attention. But he was precious in his black and white houndstooth check suit, made up from the John-John pattern in Martha’s Favorite Applique’s book by Martha Pullen.

The turkey design from the Autumn Harvest collection by Designs by JuJu was added to the front, enabling the John-John to be worn beyond Thanksgiving day.  I hope to get another button-on embroidered for other occasions.

Granddad (my honey) holding Alastair wearing his super bib

For you new grandmother readers, I have to share news of this amazing bib my daughter uses for Alastair.  It is a soft, almost foamy rubber, but almost as sturdy as an inner tube!  The pocket catches any drops and dribbles and the whole thing is simply and quickly hand washed at the kitchen sink after each meal.

last minute dinner preparations

Rebecca just hangs the damp bib over the back of the high chair and it is ready for the next meal. He is a pretty careful eater, but mealtime is a tidier affair with this baby accessory.  I highly recommend it for all babies.

For one more bit of sewing show and tell, check out the valances in the kitchen.  Harvey’s mother and my dear friend, Carol (wearing the apron), made these for her spacious country home.

Not only did she get exactly what she wanted, she saved a lot of money by making them herself.  The pattern is carried into the adjoining breakfast room for those windows.

When I took this photo, everyone applauded my effort to document this rare occasion.  In fact, it was the only time  anyone has  ever seen Rebecca cooking.  In fact, she was only asked to whisk the gravy, a task that made my steely-nerved daughter a bit anxious.

Since their wedding day,  handsome Prince Charming Harvey has come home from work and cooked a gourmet dinner for Rebecca.  And I thought her father spoiled her!  To her credit though, she did make all of Alastair’s baby food fresh from scratch.

I hope you all enjoyed this day of  Thanksgiving and continue to enjoy the blessings of loving family and friends. I am thankful for the readers of this wordy blog.



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