Christmas Kid Towels

Pillowcases have always been my extra touch for my grandchildrens’ holidays.  Judy Day goes a step further and makes seasonal towels for hers.

She doesn’t spend a lot of time on these.  Judy simply personalizes the towels with their names and adds a little holiday motif to the letters.  These motifs might be extracted from other designs or they might be independent miniature designs.

The children, of course, enjoy having some holiday decoration in their bathroom.  And Judy, of course, enjoys knowing they think of their grandmother “Mimi” every time they wash their hands.

I could do this!  On my computer, I maintain a folder of miniature design sets as well as designs from which I could extract elements for such uses as this.  Brother, Babylock, Viking, Martha Pullen, Amazing Designs, Cactus Punch, OESD and Embroidery Library all have miniature collections.   And they are not the only ones. 

Border sets, such as Dakota Collectibles Toddler Trios, and decorative buttonholes are other rich sources of tiny individual  designs, if you have a program that will enable you to isolate the elements.

It seems that I am always singing the praises of  Buzztools program, BuzzEdit2, which I use nearly every day and certainly every day that I sew.  With that program and even a few design collections, you can combine features of one design with another and create your own unique embroidery pattern.

I wonder if there will be enough time left to make Christmas towels for my grandchildren after I finish Harvey and Alastair’s Christmas stocking and Laurel’s American Girls doll dress.  I hope so.

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