Is it too late to be good?

"Is it too late to be good?"

Tick-tock-tick-tock…..time is short.  But if I can squeeze out 30 minutes between now and the weekend, I am going to embroider two shirts like these, made by Judy Day for her grandchildren. They just make me smile and I’m certain they would have the same effect on others.

It may not be too late for any of my grandchildren to turn over a new leaf, but it certainly will be too late for Alastair to wear the shirt by the time I mail it to him.  So perhaps Laurel and Robert will get some cute duds like these.   

Judy confirmed that the sizable candy cane font is a true type font, capable of being added to fonts for Brother’s PEDesign, Babylocks’s Palette, and most likely, other software programs.Added to the lettering on the girls’ shirts are sprigs of holly which serve as substitutes for the dot above the lower case i.

"Dear Santa, I can explain..."

Last year, she made another set of cute shirts for her Jackson, Courtney and Kennedy. Using the Children’s Font from Designers Gallery, Judy flipped the s and p in order for the text to look even more juvenile.  These shirts carry the message, “Dear Santa, I can explain…….”  She has so many good ideas.

I’ve just put the buttons and buttonholes in Alastair’s pants.  Now I’m having a big time making a dress for “Molly,” Laurel’s American Girls doll.  It  matches Laurel’s Christmas dress.  I can’t wait to see her reaction. 

So it’s back to the sewing room for me.

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