Miniature Wonder

2 3/4" doll in sewing box

This is one of the sweetest Christmas gifts I have ever received.  The 2 3/4″  porcelain doll is nestled into a comparably tiny sewing box generously stocked with minuscule materials.  Rolls of silk fabric, 1/8-1/4″ spools of  thread, snippets of antique lace, silk ribbon and more set a needleworker to dreaming about dainty delights. 

The 2 3/4″ by 2″ x 2″ wicker sewing box is hinged with silk ribbon and lined with velvet.  One cannot help but be captivated by visions  of  Thumbelina, perched on a mushroom,  stitching a filly frock for this mohaired moppet.

The lid is adorned with ribbon rosebuds, cotton netting and a cut out from a Victorian style card.

This was a class project at a dollmakers’ convention some years ago.  It so intrigued me by  that I wanted to make one myself, and for a few for dear friends.  I purchased similar wicker boxes and began a search for other items.  But one thing and another distracted me and the idea has been on the back burner ever since.

Still, often when I wander into the guest room where this little treasure is displayed on an old dresser, I am taken back again, to the wonder I experienced upon unwrapping this precious gift.  I’m fairly certain that a music box began playing.

This miniature wonder brought magic to me one Christmas morning years ago.  I hope Laurel has some degree of  doll-inspired wonder when she meets Molly on Saturday.

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