Goodbye Sewing at the Beach 2011

This incredible week of fun, friendship and sewing classes is over. And what a memorable time we have had!

I was privileged to be part of the faculty which included  Connie Palmer, Jan Kerton of Australia, Kathy Farmer, Jane Briscoe, Margaret Fain and my wonderful, talented, wild and crazy roommate, Terri Click.

Their classes included Jan’s exquisite handwork projects, most notably her underwater landscape quilt, Kathy’s camisole and celtic heart, Jane’s faggotted romper and elegant etui, Margaret’s vintage sachets and mug mania, and Terri’s tee shirt pattern drafting and kumihimo bag handles.

The variety of projects amazed me.  There was truly something for everyone, though everyone seemed to want everything.

Each day, mid-morning and afternoon, students trekked to the hospitality suite.   Stocked with homemade goodies,  fresh fruits and vegetables, the suite was a comfortable and welcoming place to visit with old and new friends.  And talk about sewing.

On the 16th floor, lunch was served in a private dining room that overlooked the ocean. 

Each day, over a delicious meal an auction offered up items that ranged from baskets of fabrics, patterns and sewing notions to elaborate bolsters to yards of lace to exquisite handwork donated by the guild members. And we talked about sewing.

Bev had donated a breathtaking, single, hand embroidered rose, beautifully framed.  Somehow I missed out on bringing that home with me.

That day I was distracted by the arrival of my dear, dear friend Pat Cook who had driven up from Charleston with some other ladies.

They joined us for lunch where Pat and I caught up with each other’s lives and….talked about sewing.

The market tempted each student and teacher.

Hope Yoder’s button machines were flying out the door along with all of her other products.

Check out her video on the button machine at

This was my first opportunity to get to know Hope and her assistant Kim and I certainly enjoyed my vendor location next to them.

While I was chatting with Hope, Dawn of Design by Dawn dropped by.  It was nice to meet the digitizer of all those beautiful designs.

Some of Dawn’s fabulous designs incorporate crystals.  We had a nice, but brief visit and we, of course, talked about sewing.

Susan at All About Blanks  had very creative projects and beautiful items to embroider.

This ready-made dress caught my eye.  Available in pink and white in sizes up to 6, I picked up a few. The dresses are unembellished and await the special touches that might come.  I love the monogram and butterfly designs.

The pockets are cocktail napkins and were embroidered with designs from Hatched in Africa. The pink dress has another monogram and a cupcake ribbon at the bottom of the yoke.

I bought several pairs of napkins in a variety of colors.  I don’t know how many pockets she might need, but Laurel Cade will be wearing one of these dresses as soon as it warms up.


Another item that caught my eye was a set of insulated luncheon totes, for boys and girls!


You don’t see that very often.  And grandmothers always want to keep things even with the grandchildren.

These sassy children’s aprons were another eye catcher.  All About Blanks has such cute things.  I’ve visited their web site but the products are so much cuter when you can see them up close and personal.

Lynn’s Outlet, as always, brought an amazing quantity and variety of  her ever-changing inventory.  As always, her prices were below rock bottom.

She had panels whose subjects ranged from Mary Engelbreit’s cherry pie girl to Loralie’s Fairies and Beach Babies.

I Love Lucy, The Wizard of Oz and even Boy Scout fabric was there for the taking.

Several panels came home with me, but I am most excited about the Boy Scout fabric I bought for my son-in-law.  He was an Eagle Scout and had his own troop before he and Rebecca were married.

There were other vendors there but I was so busy teaching that I didn’t have an opportunity to peruse their booths.

There is so much more to tell!  But I’ll continue this tomorrow, with pictures of the fashion show, more students with their projects and the most intricate, beautifully hand embroidered sewing tote that I have ever seen.  It will probably be in a single post.

Though it was a fabulous good time, I am happy to be home. But when I want to talk about sewing, I’ll have to get on the phone with Terri or Gracie or Diane or Linda or Rounette or anyone else who was there.

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