Party Sewing

Note the ever popular Happy Birthday tablecloth. Several years ago I made 3 or 4 of these. They have been through more parties than Thomas has been through tunnels.

The birthday boy chugs a cold one as he admires his birthday balloons.

Alastair’s Two-toot birthday party was a big hit with the children and as well as the adults.  The cupcake train delighted everyone and was so easy to make.  Typical of Florida spring, the sun shone brightly and a gulf coast breeze kept everyone comfortable.


My daughter Rebecca and I made the cupcakes and built the train cars the night before the party.  A Thomas train engine  pulled flatbed cars loaded with cupcakes.

The train cars were  built with a stack of two graham crackers with buttercream frosting holding them firmly together. 

Other graham crackers were  broken into “sticks” and stacked three high for the axels, with mini Oreo wheels.  Gum drops served as hitches between the cars.

We all enjoyed watching 2 1/2 year old Ethan surreptitiously pull an Oreo wheel from the train and pop it into his mouth.  His mother scolded, but  Rebecca assured her that the flatbed cars were there for the children to enjoy, just like  the cupcakes and their teepee train bags. 

More cupcakes were stacked on the cupcake tree, interspersed with spectacular strawberries, picked that morning in a berry patch just down the road from Alastair’s paternal grandmother’s home.  They added color and a delicious suggestion of nutrition to the variety of food served.

On the adjoining 6′ table were 8 of the best pizzas I have ever tasted.  Sodas, juice boxes and bottled water rounded out the menu.

Alastair and cousin Laurel do some artwork while waiting for the party to begin.

Rebecca and Harvey had the back yard set up like a kiddie playground.  The two turtle sandboxes were loaded with fresh sand, an easel and coloring table were set up for budding artists, quilts dotted the grass for little ones to rest or visit with one another.

A few years ago, when our grandson Robert was a little guy, Rebecca and Harvey bought him an incredibly beautiful wooden airplane that rocked.  Robert enjoyed it for some time, but has long since outgrown it.

His parents returned the favor and the plane for Alastair.  This plane was just one more item in the yard,  put out for the children’s entertainment.   Little aviators at the party took turns heading off into the wild blue yonder.

A pair of neighborhood mallard ducks even came to celebrate Alastair’s birthday.  They were uninvited, but welcomed by all.  Of course, the children loved the socialized quackers who showed no fear so long as the toddlers kept 3′ away.  After a vigorous swim in the backyard duck pond, they took an afternoon nap at about the same time Alastair surrendered to 2 year-old party fatigue and asked to be put to bed.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was busy enjoying the festivities and just forgot after guests arrived.  The men were inside watching the Gator basketball team advance to the Sweet Sixteen so I had to check on the game several times.  I missed so many photo ops, but when the rest of the family combines their pictures, we should have the party completely documented.

As we were cleaning up, I couldn’t help but notice all the “sewing” components of this party.  You all know, I am sure, that almost every upcoming occasion can be a call to the sewing room.  I looked at Alastair, so cute in his AMTRAK embroidered engineer outfit and Laurel in her machine monogrammed party dress with the ribbon bows on her flip flops. 

The day before the party, I had cut an 8′  length of 60″ wide white fabric, which I keep on hand,  and serged the sides.  This covered the 6′ table.   For the smaller cupcake table a square of white was prepared in the same manner.  Both tables were topped with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY squares I made a few years ago for my grandson Robert’s 3rd birthday.  They have been used for several parties, both for my grandchildren and for neighborhood children.

The teepee bag party favors were a hit with all ages and the train tea towel (previous post) was perfect for the occasion.

I adore my grandchildren and love sewing for them.  Have you sewn any special items for children’s parties?  I’d love to hear about it.

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