Liberty Tana Lawn Sundress


This is my handwork project for our “vacation” time here in the mountains.  I have two antique, crocheted child sized yokes, one of which will be joined to the smocked Liberty of London skirt.  When Laurel arrives in a few days, she will try them on to see which fits best.

I’m considering adding two little smocked pouch pockets and edging them with bits of crochet I have at home.  Many, many years ago, in the SAGA newsletters, Florence Roberson’s pattern for such a pocket was published.  I will pull that out if I decide to include the pockets.

After searching high and low for a smocking plate that suited me, I spotted the perfect design,  Ellen McCarn’s plate, Diamonds, by guess who? Florence Roberson.  With that kind of coincidence, the pocket will probably be just the right finishing touch.

As you can see I haven’t made much progress.    Since we arrived, I have washed windows and curtains, polished mirror and picture frames with Olde English Scratch  Cover, rearranged the loft,  deadheaded the roses and listened to our wonderful, friendly, CHATTY carpenter hammering away on the new side deck.

Bob has repaired three screen doors, put new vinyl flooring in the owner’s closet, replaced broken window cranks, walked Hannah, our dog, 4 times a day, cleaned out the gutters, put new bulbs in the spots that light up the night (when Hannah thinks she hears a bear…and probably does!) and spent a day at his computer working at his real job.

But we are enjoying every minute of our time here in the High Country.  If you would like to get an upclose look at our getaway, check it out here.

I’m about done with my cabin maintenance activities, so I hope to get some serious smocking done now.  I’ll post this dress when it is finished, hopefully before the end of summer.

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