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  1. Judith, I do have that issue. I will write to you privately about getting it to you.

  2. Hello – I’m relatively new at sewing. I have been intrigued with heirloom stitching/hem stitch. Creative Needle Magazine was recommended to me, but am I correct that it is no longer in publication? Well, which issue would be best for me?

  3. Cheryle, I’m sad to confirm the reports that Creative Needle is no longer in publication. There is not an issue that would disappoint you. They are somewhat topical–Jan./Feb. is the baby issue, March/April is Easter, May/June is usually about weddings, graduation and first communion, July/August focuses on Back to School, September/October is for Christmas and other holidays. If hemstitching is a particular interest,you might find these posts helpful Pinstitch, What’s it All About , Pinstitch Part II, and Consumer Made Entredeux. There are lots of other posts from other bloggers and probably videos on YouTube. Heirloom sewing is pure joy. Good luck as you pursue it.

  4. Josie Wamsley

    Janice, Is the listing for the Creative Magazines up to date? Also, if I buy more than one can the shipping be combined? Thanks, Josie

  5. Josie, it is up to date unless I carelessly forgot to delete one. Of course shipping would be combined. I try to charge actual shipping, but sometimes can’t make an extra trip to the PO. If I overcharge, I make a refund. Creative Needle mags are all so fabulous. I wouldn’t be without a copy of each issue. The ones for a sale are all duplicates, mostly from when I was writing for the mag and they sent me 3 copies of each issue.

  6. im looking for dec 2008 creative needle magazine if available.

  7. Sandy, I’m sorry but I do not have an extra copy of that issue. Good luck finding one.

  8. Chris Owings

    I have the December 2008 Creative Needle magazine. In fact, I have ALL of the Creative Needle magazines back to 1985. . .mint condition (except for 2-3), with included free patterns. I am interested in selling these lovely magazines to someone who loves the fine needlework.

  9. Chris, I would encourage you to join a facebook destash site or two. Smocking Destash is a friendly group and Creative Needle mags are often featured and purchased. You just have to apply for membership by answering 3 easy questions to make sure you are legit. Check it out here Let me know if you have any trouble making application. Those magazines are timeless treasures.

  10. Zory Hunter

    June/July 2000

  11. I’m sorry, Zory, but I do not have that issue for sale.

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