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This sweet new mother gift set was photographed and sent to me by one of my friends in Puerto Rico, Haydee.  Several previous posts on this blog have shown her work or ideas.   As I have explained before, the language barrier prevents me from scoping out the details of these projects.

Some of these featured items are shop samples, soon to be offered in upcoming classes.  Haydee is there either as a student or as a  teacher– I just don’t know. I do know that there is always plentiful inspiration in the pics she sends.



It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that is true, the bag and slippers are well described.

It looks to me like the slippers are purchased and then embellished with a band of gingham puffing bound with bias and trimmed with a pleated fabric or ribbon ruffle.  The pink baby carriage  and blue train buttons look like they may have been covered with Hope Yoder’s button machine.  They offer interest and a pleasing textural contrast to the puffing.

The curved, clean lines of the bag contrast nicely with the angles of the pocket.  The embroidery design is from Martha Pullen’s Ultimate Baby Layette collection.  Don’t you just love the gingham bias scallops that frame the pocket?

I love everything about this gift assortment.  What a pretty, useful present for a new mother!  The little teddy is a sweet addition to the set.  The whole package looks like something that should go to the hospital with the new mama at the culmination of her 9 month wait.

How fortunate are we to live in an age when a new baby’s gender can be determined in time for gifts to be made in something other than yellow or green.

7 responses to “New Mother Gift

  1. This lady’s work is exquisite and her ideas so unique. Lovely sets for a new momma. Susan VH

  2. This is so cute. My son and his wife are having a little girl in March and I just might have to fix this for the mommy so she won’t feel so left out. Thanks for the idea. You did a great job.

  3. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your little granddaughter!!! Oh, the joy of a grandchild—it is immeasurable! It would be so thoughtful of you to make a set like these for your son’s wife. These are lovely, aren’t they, Tammy. These were made by my friend Haydee in Puerto Rico. Everything she makes is just perfect.

  4. This is such an impressive work. New moms will definitely love to have this. These sets of yours are absolutely darling! Great post!

  5. Thanks, Shannon. This was made by my friend Haydee Gotay in Puerto Rico. She does fabulous work.

  6. Trabajo estupendo, magnifico! Gracias por mostranoslos desde el fondo de mi Corazon! Gracias mil, por favor siga mandando!
    Translation: Stupendous work, magnificent. Thanks for showing them to us from the bottom of my heart! Thousand thanks, please keep your work coming!

  7. Thank you,Sara, you are one sweet confidence booster! How I wish I could speak Spanish–but I appreciate the translation.

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