Beach Portrait Dress and Vintage Skirt


Children’s Corner Louise, modified


Judy Day attended Lezette Thomason’s Children’s Corner Sewing School in June and had a fabulous time.  She just finished this classic white beach portrait dress which was one of the projects.   Any beach would be enhanced with Judy’s pretty seven-year old  granddaughter, Courtney, wearing this dress.

Children’s Corner pattern Louise was redrafted for this garment.  Judy reported that it is embellished with 12 tucks on the front, 18 on the back,  three gathered tiers with tucks, separated by lace. She thoroughly enjoyed stitching this project.


I fell in love with the dress and the idea of a beach portrait for my own seven year-old granddaughter, Laurel.  Instantly, I remembered this exquisite white skirt, purchased at our church bazaar several years ago for no good reason other than its loveliness and potential.  Of course, I wonder on what occasions the  original owner with her 22″ waist wore this elaborate skirt.  Vintage textiles always pique my curiosity.


Of course, with the skirt already complete, I would not be adding tucks. The tiers are also complete, though not gathered.    As is, I think it is possible that this vintage piece  could be the major component of a similar dress with equal impact.

Beach Dress center

The skirt is in good condition, considering its probable age.  Still, it is not what I would call sturdy.  But the intricate chemical lace and highly dimensional embroidery on fine cotton lawn make a dramatic statement that I want to use.


Judy’s beach dress photos arrived about the same time that my daughter-in-law snapped this photo of Laurel.   The family had arrived early on the east coast to watch the last shuttle launch.  As the children played on the beach, they came across this Olan Mills worthy photo opportunity.

Laurel was, of course, dressed in play clothes.  If she had been wearing  Judy’s portrait dress, this  would have been an even lovelier  picture. When I get Laurel’s portrait frock finished, I hope to find that spot again.~~~~~~~

5 responses to “Beach Portrait Dress and Vintage Skirt

  1. Oh my! Look how perfectly the lace meets up at the placket! I love how the tucks and the tiers widen towards the bottom.

  2. Judy is a perfectionist so it is no surprise that the lace meets so exactly. The dress design is very pleasing, just as you would expect from Lezette.

  3. The skirt is absolutely beautiful! It will make a perfect dress for a beach portrait.
    Since Courtney’s dress was made from 100% cotton batiste,I did line it so she could wear it to church. (I wanted all that work to be worn more than once!)

  4. Judy did a beautiful job on the dress, I just love it!! And Janice, I love seeing all your beautiful vintage clothing. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I thought about lining it. At 7 years old, little girls require more modesty than toddlers. I hope the lace won’t disappear with white fabric behind it, but a color would be too much. Suggestions? Anyone?

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