Dawg Dress Update

Little boys hope to fill their fathers’ shoes.  Kennedy hopes to fill her mother’s cap!  Today,  Mama Amy, was awarded the title Dr. Amy.

Kennedy was a major attraction when she attended the University of Georgia graduation ceremony.  She wears Children’s Corner Lucy with smocked insert Spencer’s Bulldogs.  Her grandmother Judy Day made her outfit for the ceremony and the party that followed.

For more photos and details, see earlier post Special Occasion Smocked Dawg Dress.

How special!

4 responses to “Dawg Dress Update

  1. Connie Miller

    Absolutely adorable. Ms Kennedy had to be the belle of the ball.

  2. Great job Judy, your work is always beautiful, you are a wonderful seamstress. Love seeing your granddaughter in the pix.

  3. Diane Boissevain

    Is there a Georgia Bulldog smocking plate available for purchase? If so, I’d like to know how to purchase one. Or, is there some way I can have an outfit made using that plate?

  4. Yes, Diane, Spencer The Bulldog is available from Collars, etc. Click here. I will ask Judy Day, who made the dress for her granddaughter, if she is interested in making another.

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