Update: Jumper Fair Entry

back cover of book, Applique Martha’s Favorites

A request has been made to see a picture of the pattern Laurel is using for her jumper.  The scan of the back cover clearly shows that this is a simple A-line dress with buttons at the shoulders.

Because it is completely lined, there are no facings or hem to turn up.  It is an ideal starter project.

What concentration!  She almost bit her tongue off.

The book’s availability and prices make me laugh.  From Amazon new copies of the above book start at $79.95.  At Amazon  used books start at $23.99.  Brand new from Martha Pullen Company—$14.00.

  It seems that Amazon marketeers would be wise to do a little more market research.

One response to “Update: Jumper Fair Entry

  1. What service! Thanks! It’s a darling pattern. You know, I’ve seen that sort of pricing on Amazon before and wonder where in the world are they coming from.

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