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I love church bazaars–never met one I didn’t like.  To see such a concentration of women’s creative efforts is inspiring.  From baked goods, knitting,  quilts, crochet and sewing to  plants and crafts, the variety is enormous.  The effort put forth for such good purposes is proof positive of the kindness and compassion of women.

Doing my little part for our church bazaar is always such a pleasure.  I like to drag out unused items and try to make them marketable.  Then it’s always fun to try something new.  This year I did both.


church bazaar potpourri

Christmas sachet


I’ve had a supply of these linen cocktail napkins for some time, a dozen with silver embroidery and another dozen with gold.  Plan A was to use them for our Christmas Eve after-church eggnog and cookies get-together for family and friends.  But with all the commotion generated by the grandchildren, I just never got around to pulling these out.

Plan B–with a bit of embroidery and backing pocket made from a scrap of linen, now the napkin is a holiday potpourri.  Nice for teacher gifts, I thought.  I’ve made several.


church bazaar bath set-1

These are pieces from the baby knits for sale at the Janice Ferguson Sews “Store”.


Who can’t use a few layette pieces for baby gifts?  The hooded towel, wash cloth, cap and bib were all fun to embroider.


church bazaar key case


I am really excited about the key cases I am making.  A few days ago, my friend Terri Click came for a visit.  Her blog, The Thrifty Needle, is great!   We had a big time talking, talking sewing, sewing and talking……She has digitized this sweet little key case and sat me down to make one.  It is made completely in the hoop.  From start to finish, it takes about 15 minutes!


church bazaar key case open



The fabric is a piece of Liberty Tana Lawn, more of which is still available at “A Store”–see categories menu at right. There is still time to make a few more for the bazaar.  I’m going to make a Florida Gator case in orange and blue for Judy Day and more for other friends.

I can’t wait to shop at the bazaar.  Some real treasures have found their way into my huge tote bag and others have been hauled to my car.  One was a spectacular punch bowl that I use Christmas Eve, for showers and other occasions.  Within an hour of purchasing the bowl, a late donation arrived—100 punch cups for .25 each!  I snatched them all up.  I can serve punch to half my zip code!

Thanks to Terri, I headed back to the sewing room to make more key cases.    P.S.  Is the key case design/pattern available for sale, Terri?


5 responses to “Church Bazaar Projects

  1. You lucked out on the punch cups! I seem to have begun a collection of punch bowls. Unfortunately, they didn’t all come with a great number of cups. My favorite is a punch bowl from a great aunt who never had daughters. It’s in the shape of a large pink strawberry. There is even a lid that has a green glass stem. It’s so fun to use. My sister & I own it together. Don’t know who will inherit it since we both have 2 daughters.

  2. Thank you very much for the offer, but you can keep the orange and blue key chain. Orange and white would be preferred….but after last night it needs to have a BIG black stripe stitched on to it, as TN fans are in mourning!! Just broke my heart to sit in the cold wind and see how bad they played!

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  4. Where did you get the terry cloth bibs? I have been looking for them? 🙂

  5. The bib shown in this post is not terry cloth but knit. A few years ago, I bought some from NES. NES Good luck. I hope you find some.

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