Brrrrr….Let’s Knit

Scarf, hat and small square knitted by 7 year-old Laurel. Hand knit sweater machine embroidered by Nana. Jeans purchased on eBay.

Just after Thanksgiving, we drove to Asheville, NC, on business with our son and his family.  We planned to head to our cabin as soon as we finished.  But instead, we found ourselves stuck in Asheville for two extra days, due to bad weather.  Not only was the weather abysmal  in Asheville, but also in the High Country area, which was under a severe weather advisory.  With snow and ice, it would have been foolish to drive up the steep mountain roads.

So we passed time at the hotel while granddaughter Laurel, 7, took up knitting needles to make some things for her doll Molly.   Six year-old grandson Robert spent the time relaxing with a book or watching football.

The children are homeschooled, so naturally some time was spent “hotel schooling.” They were “car schooled” on the drive from Florida.  Two weeks ago they flew to Dallas.  Their mother had built up excitement for “plane schooling” while they were in the air.  Presentation is everything.

Laurel began her second ever knitting project, the little blanket square hanging from Molly’s wrist.   Laurel considered this to be similarly proportional to her own favorite sleep-with blankie.  Molly needed  one, she declared. The pink/white/lavender variegated yarn was a big hit, adding interest to the lesson for this project–casting on.  Laurel was tickled pink/white/lavender herself.

Laurel begins knitting an AG doll hat

The weather in Asheville was nasty, fit for nothing but needlework or reading.   With wind blowing like a tropical storm,  the non-stop rain interspersed with occasional snow flurries and sleet kept us hotel-bound.  By the second day, with just minimal exposure to the elements,  Robert got sick.  So we ventured out only to get treatment for the poor little guy’s croup and sore throat. Florida folk are just not hardened for this kind of weather.

When we returned from the urgent care center, Laurel moved on to knitting a doll hat.   This matches her first project, the scarf which earned her a red ribbon at the county fair.  We sat in front of the fire in the comfortable lobby, which was a welcome change of scenery from our hotel rooms.  I read to her as she knitted.

She was such a little cutie and so intent on her stitching.   A  grandmotherly hotel guest stopped by to offer compliments and encouragement.

Notice Molly's little feet. Laurel always has her doll with her.

Laurel’s pride and satisfaction were enormous when she finished the hat just  before her family headed back to sunny Florida in order to check in with Robert’s pediatrician.

In fact, she was so excited that she decided to spend the 10 travel hours  knitting  another hat for her friend’s doll.    Shortly after leaving, she called with an SOS–HELP!!  She had forgotten how to cast on.  I tried to talk her through it but couldn’t explain it satisfactorily.  Finally, she said, “Never mind, Nana.  I’ll just go to YouTube.”

I never cease to be amazed by the impact of today’s technology on our lives.

As it happened, she was unable to find a YouTube video.  So shortly after we arrived at the cabin, my husband used his phone to record a short video as I demonstrated casting-on.  He sent it off through cyberspace and in less than an hour Laurel had cast on.  If you were driving south on I-95 somewhere in Georgia, you might have passed a van with this little knitter happily making a hat for her friend’s doll.

Do we live in an amazing world or what?

This is what greeted us when we arrived at the cabin.

Brrrrrr.....from the front deck.

We’re at our cabin now, in more bitterly cold weather.  It is pretty, but I am so glad that our home is in Florida.

Brrr...from the back deck.

Days like this, in my opinion, are only good for knitting or sewing, which is what I will be doing for the next several days!  Hurrah!

Hmmm….maybe this weather isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. I can just imagine you two in the hotel lobby, in front of the fire, reading and knitting while the storm raged! How lovely! I’d revel in any day that was fit only for needlework and reading!! 🙂

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