Odyssey Competition

Odyssey of the Mind Team SLC, wearing embroidered shirts

Grandchildren Robert, 6, and Laurel, 7, have learned so much and had such fun as members of their Odyssey of the Mind team.  Coached by their mother and the two other team moms, the homeschooled children recently were entered in the regional competition.  Their category was Weird Science.

Left to right, 5 year-old alien scientist “Boss” in her chemical stained lab coat, three other alien scientists, and a 5 year-old Arctic raccoon. Laurel, the alien rock star, was not in this scene. Doesn’t this sound like a made-for-Broadway story line?

There are two parts of the competition, one of which is an 8 minute skit which reflects their “solution” to a fictional problem.  This problem is selected from one of 5 categories, including their choice Weird Science.  The children must come up with the concept, write the script, build the sets, create the costumes and generally do it all, with parental supervision, of course.

Laurel knitted a square that represented a hunk of Arctic racoon fur.  The judges were impressed with that, as well as all the things the children had made.  Their creativity really shined.

Check out their very short, cute team cheer here.  This is at practice.  Robert, as usual, is the trouble maker.

Except for the skit, the children wore team shirts.   They were embroidered perfectly and easily on my new Quattro.   There were shirts available for sale in advance, basic black printed with the region’s mascot, a dragon, and some text.  The team decided too late to order shirts so, of course, Nana was offered the job.  Hurrah!  Another level of participation.

I found this dragon in my design library, fiddled with it in BuzzEdit2 and added the applique’d team identification sign.

They had already recruited me to be a judge, as each team is required to provide one.  It was such a fun day!

There were over 100 teams competing.  Team SLC, with two 5 year-olds,  and ages up to 8 placed 4th in the 12 and under age group.  They were thrilled.  Nana was pretty pleased as well.

We are so blessed to be able to participate in our grandchildren’s lives.  The judges’ training, the lonnnnnnng day of the competition (7 a.m.-9 p.m.)  and other activities really cut into my sewing time.  But who cares when there is fun like this to be had!



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