9 Spa Wraps Done!

NOTE: Spa wrap tutorial is posted here.

Cherries decorate Five Star Font's Lacey Girl Font "K."

I’ve just finished 9 spa wraps for my granddaughter’s Spa-tacular 8th birthday party.  These have been so much fun to make!  All the materials were on hand, except for the towels themselves and the velcro.   It was fun to match up the trims, buttons, embroidery designs and embellishments.  Using from my stash gave me a false sense of being frugal!

Two different fonts were used, both from Five Star Fonts.  Because each wrap is sized to the child, and because there were some duplicate initials, it was necessary to easily match up a child to the appropriate wrap.

Rachel is the younger "R" so her wrap is made from the rick rack jelly bean font.

Upon the arrival of the guests, there will be a lot of confusion with 9 giggly girls deciding who gets the first manicure or foot bath and changing into their spa duds.  So the younger child gets the rick rack jelly bean font.

For Laurel's rick rack monogram, the flowers were extracted from another design, but they were individual and not connected. With BuzzEdit 2 I was able to add a simple serpentine stitching line to join them together.

Of course, the jelly beans have been replaced with a small design to match the available buttons and ribbon.  I always enjoy rearranging designs with BuzzEdit2.

Alyssa is the older "A" guest. In order for the button to show up, I had to give it a background with more contrast. So I made a yo-yo.

I get carried away with the design arrangement.  The search of my design library was specifically for a butterfly in the same position as the button. I spend way too much time on things that don’t really matter!

Isabelle's wrap is decorated with bumblebees.

The font with the lacy fill is  Lacy Girl Font.  It fills a large area but isn’t stiff.  Bumblebees replace the original hearts.

This pink Plain Jane was the first wrap that was made. I hadn't realized that I would need something to cover the ends of the black gingham. So I pulled out what I had. Too bad there were no heart buttons in my stash. This is for Ava, the younger A guest.

On the pink ribbon wrap, the jelly beans were replaced with hearts.  All little girls love heart so it seemed like a good choice.

Again, a yo-yo was used as a background for Jasmine’s dragonfly button.  The shank is sizeable, so the yo-yo gave it a place to rest.  Otherwise, it would have wobbled.

Ladybugs for Mackenzie.


By the time I got to Regan’s hot pink wrap, I was out of buttons with easily matched embroidery designs.  This may be a stretch, but it works.  The flip flop button needed a yo-yo for contrast and to cover the inside of the gingham twist.

If there is any interest, I might later post the directions for this style.  I wouldn’t have thought instructions would be needed, but it took a lot of planning–and errors– to get the sequencing of each step just right.  And, of course, the techniques got better as I went along, so that the last one was the best.

Now, I’m off to start on the doll wraps.  Laurel is so excited about this party, especially the doll wraps. More on those later.

Have you made party favors for your child or grandchild? We’d love to hear about it.

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