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NOTE: If you see something you want, let me know ASAP so I can snap it up for you Friday morning.  Leave a comment or e-mail

crochet 80 x 84" ~~$40

In an earlier post there was information about an upcoming HUGE estate sale.  Check that post for prices on the items shown there.

one textile pile before being sorted

If you are in the area, you will want to be there.  The sale date is Friday, June 9, 8:00 or 8:30 a.m.  I’ll find out for sure sometime today (Wednesday).  The address is 812 W. Highland, DeLand, Florida.  Because the street is just one block long, this location can be hard to find so check your GPS, google maps or some other map source.  It is in the southwest corner of DeLand.  Tip:  The house directly across the street is a charming cottage with a yard full of flowers.  The front walk is lined with pots of red geraniums.    The estate sale house is a gray/blue two story.

Two matching linen dresser scarves or table runners, each 15" x 42". Each end has the lace insertion. These will need soaking. $6 each.

color edited to show detail

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this sale.  For one thing, it was built the same year as my home, so the style of everything is likely the same as my home at that time.  Aside from the massive amount of textiles, which of course, I love, being in that house was going “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox in the professor’s time machine.

beautifully embroidered linen placemat--several similar ones for $3-$4 each

As mentioned, there are incredible textiles, many damaged by sitting in the attic unused for decades and suitable only for cutting or study. Other items are in perfect condition.  There are luncheon sets and a huge variety of 20’s-40’s table linens, including a sweet breakfast tray set hand embroidered with “Good Morning!”  The maid, of course, brought your breakfast up to your bedroom on a tray.  Maybe I should buy that set in case I win the lottery.  But since I have never bought a lottery ticket, that is unlikely.

small hand embroidered lipstick towel

There are chenille bedspreads, vintage silk slips, flower vases, rocking chairs (several), mahogany dining room set (table, chairs, buffet, china cabinet)  with enough leaves to seat 12, silver chest with silverplate service for 8 $175), and 20’s-30’s children’s books.

1930 edition, perfect inside but the binding has been chewed up

Also a Wurlitzer piano, all manner of kitchen items (many vintage), several sets of china, and just so much more.  It seems that almost everything in that house was made or purchased before 1950.

Anything that you would have found in the 1926 home of a socially prominent small  town doctor, his wife and young daughter is there.  Oh, I forgot to mention a sweet oval metal frame with a picture of daughter Anne age 2 or 3,  wearing a smocked dress ($10).

There are two really gorgeous nursery framed color prints of babies, circa 1930.  They are $25 and $35 each.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of them.

For anyone who wants to adopt an ancestor, this well-loved tot would be a wonderful addition to any family.  There are several of her baby books, all filled out, as well as a handwritten congratulatory letter to the parents from the doctor who delivered baby Ann.

Plundering through the accumulation of two lifetimes was like a history lesson.  The man of  the house served in US Army during World War I,  starting in 1917.  Anyone with an interest in military history would be intrigued by his helmet ($25), mess kit and canteen, prices that I don’t recall.  There is a framed picture of his platoon or squad or whatever you call a group of 50 soldiers.  And just look at this:

It is in its original leather wallet folder.

soldier's pay list

As you can see, a military doctor was paid $36 per month for his patriotic service.

At home in DeLand during World War II, he kept careful track of his War Rations Book, which was carefully filed away in a desk.


Well, I could go on and on.  Suffice it to say that if you are a fan of estate sales, you would love this one.

I’d be happy to shop for you so let me know if you want something.  Meanwhile, have you been to any good sales lately?  I know Elizabeth Rose finds  them allllll the time.  Does anyone else get lucky?

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  1. hmm, left my comment in wrong box. I can not locate your email on my computer but do want to email you about a couple of things. Mine is Thanks, Jeannie

  2. Hi Janice,
    Sorry I’m late to the sale- I bet you had a blast!! I’d love to see what you got. My girls and baby and I just got back from yard sales and we did great! I’ll share on my blog soon. Love your posts!!

  3. Jacquelyn Mallozzi

    I am trying to locate a lace linen hankie so I can make a bonnet for my daughter who is expecting in June. Is that something you can do. If so, do you have any pictures to look at?


  4. Jackie, a handkerchief bonnet is such a delightful project! I will write to you privately about it.

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