Contemporary Cute~Knot Dress



Jo creates the most adorable clothes, like this dress,  for her girls.  She also takes fabulous pictures! Photography is another of her passions.

Often, Jo chooses contemporary patterns, always adding her own classic touches, like the hand embroidery on the apron.




On this dress, she added an especially unique and clever detail, a label made from the fabric selvage. This is an idea she gleaned from Pinterest.  CORRECTION:  Jo says it was a Flickr idea.


selvage tag

How cute is this?


Even with five children to love and nurture and 3 to homeschool,  Jo finds time  to teach sewing to her older daughter, 8 year old Joy, and a neighbor girl.  AND she sews  matching AG doll dresses for most of her creations!


contemporary cute doll dress


Wow!    She makes me tired.


knot back


I love this dress, the pattern, the fabric choices and the embroidery.  Joy looks absolutely precious wearing it.

Here is what Jo has to say about the dresses for Joy and her doll.

The embroidery is by hand.  The pattern I followed is called Summer Flowers by Sarah Jane Studios.  I added the windblown flowers and the “bit of earth” under her feet.  The dress pattern is Claire by Portobello Pixie.  I modified it to knot in the back, instead of the front, with a bigger, wider bow.
 I’ll tell you, I was an efficient seamstress on this one; I used every bit of fabric I had left.  There’s barely enough to make a little fabric flower for a hair decoration.  I had to wing the pattern on this one.  I borrowed the bodice from one of Genine’s patterns and then estimated all the rectangle pieces.  I think the apron is too short and the hem band is too wide and the straps are too narrow.  But Samantha likes it, and that’s what counts! 
Thanks for sharing this, Jo.  This garment is packed with inspiration for all of us.

8 responses to “Contemporary Cute~Knot Dress

  1. This is so cute. I really like the fabric choices that Jo used. The girl’s embroidery design is reminiscent of days of dresser scarves and pillowcases.

  2. You’re so kind. Actually, I saw the selvage tag idea on Flickr. Not that Pinterest doesn’t provide an overabundance of inspiration…. 🙂

  3. Two thumbs up from the Perry family. It’s good to hear of other homeschooling families sewing. With the loss of Creative Needle, we need a new way to connect. Thanks, Janice, for making this post.

  4. What a darling dress for such a beautiful little girl! You did a great job. I love the tie in the back…..I’ll have to think about this for next summer for my DGDs.

  5. I was thinking about your comment that it makes you feel tired thinking about Jo homeschooling three children *and* sewing *and* teaching each one to sew. I thought about myself on the sidelines watching a basketball player….. how tired I would be to do that, and yet I’m sure that player loves the game and he gets energy from it. Sewing is like that for me. There’s also an old saying, “do what you love and you’ll never work another day of your life.”

  6. That’s so true, Connie. Aren’t you and Jo and my DIL all lucky to be able to homeschool which is what you love! Sewing almost never makes me tired–I could go round the clock if it weren’t for other life responsibilities.

  7. This dress got me thinking about next summer, too. It’s wonderful to have these cute patterns for our “big” girls beyond the age of 6.

  8. I agree, Janice. I am also glad to have good patterns for the older girls. Your comments cause me to think about the many reasons we love to sew, but maybe that’s another blog post. 😉

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