“Found” Clothes for Vivian Rose

I’ve just returned from a visit with 7 week old Vivian Rose and her family.  She is smiling and holding her head up now, so it was exciting to see the changes in just a few weeks.

While I was there, my Rebecca rediscovered these baby clothes buried deep in her cedar chest.

The pink daygown above and the white one below with fagoted lace were made shortly after Rebecca discovered that she was pregnant the first time.  We expected a girl but got precious little Alastair instead.  So these gowns with their matching bonnets were packed away.

After Vivian Rose arrived, the gowns could not be found.  Rebecca thought I had them and I thought she did.  Finally, she checked her cedar chest and there they were, along with several other sweet things that we both had forgotten about.

Now, Baby Girl has a greatly expanded wardrobe, with no more effort from her old fashioned Nana!  Here are some of the finds……


Alastair wearing his little lamb daygown

The lamb daygown was made for and worn by Big Brother Alastair, but I think it will be just fine for a little girl.  It will give her mother a break from all the pink she requested and received!


blue floral daygown hand-me-down from her cousin Laurel


This white Imperial batiste with Swiss embroidery trim was made for granddaughter Laurel 9 years ago, but it is in perfect condition.

We had forgotten about the polycotton smocked diaper shirt that gave me so much trouble.  It is another hand-me-down from Laurel.


The pink antique lace and embroidered buttons on this daygown make it especially nice.  Laurel wore this as well.

A Martha Pullen Smockable, this modified daygown was made for Alastair and will be just fine for Little Sister. These were all in the cedar chest.  Seeing them was like finding long, lost friends!

5 responses to ““Found” Clothes for Vivian Rose

  1. What beautiful little garments and such a pleasant find!

  2. How to order ready to smock bishop

  3. Sherrilyn, I will write to you privately.

  4. I am so very glad that these treasures have been found in time for little Miss Vivian Rose to wear! You make such gorgeous heirloom baby things, Janice.

  5. We’re happy they were found, as well. Laurel is almost 9 so I had forgotten about so many of her baby things. And then there are the things I made for Alastair when we were expecting a girl! So I am a little ahead of the game now. Hurrah!

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